Kusunoki Masashige

Kusunoki MasashigeKusunoki Masashige (1294-1336) was a 14th century samurai who fought for Emperor Go-Daigo in his attempt to wrest rulership of Japan away from the Kamakura shogunate and is remembered as the ideal of samurai loyalty

A brilliant tactician and strategist, Kusunoki's cunning defense of two key Loyalist fortresses at Akasaka and Chihaya helped allow Go-Daigo to briefly return to power

Kido Takayoshi

Kido TakayoshiKido Takayoshi (August 11, 1833 – May 26, 1877), also referred as Kido K?in was a Japanese statesman during the Late Tokugawa shogunate and the Meiji Restoration.

He used the alias Niibori Matsusuke when he worked against the Shogun

Hattori Hanzo

Hattori Hanzo SwordHattori Hanzo (1542 – 1596), also known as Hattori Masanari , was a famous samurai and ninja of the Sengoku era.

Hanzo was born as the son of Hattori Yasunaga, a minor samurai in the service of the Matsudaira (later Tokugawa) clan. He would later earn the nickname Oni no Hanz0 because of the fearless tactics he displayed in his operations; his other nickname was Yari no Hanzo

Honda Tadakatsu

Honda TadakatsuHonda Tadakatsu (1548 – December 3, 1610) , also called Honda Heihachir?  was a Japanese general (and later a daimyo) of the late Sengoku through early Edo period, who served Tokugawa Ieyasu. Honda Tadakatsu was one of the Tokugawa Four Heavenly Kings .

A native of Mikawa Province in Japan, he lived during the Azuchi-Momoyama and Edo periods.

Saigo Takamori

Saigo TakamoriSaig? Takamori (Takanaga) (January 23, 1828 – September 24, 1877) was one of the most influential samurai in Japanese history, living during the late Edo Period and early Meiji Era.

He has been dubbed the last true samurai .

Samurai Origin

SamuraiThe samurai (or bushi) were the members of the military class, the Japanese warriors. 

Samurai employed a range of weapons such as bows and arrows, spears and guns; but their most famous weapon and their symbol was the sword.

Samurai Rock Cocktail

Samurai Rock CocktailIf you are looking for a nice refreshing japanese cocktail you can try Samurai Rock.

Samurai Rock
is a very popular japanese sake cocktail which is really easy to make at home .

Tatami Floors

TatamiTatami mats are a traditional type of Japanese flooring. Traditionally made of rice straw to form the core (though nowadays sometimes the core is composed of compressed wood chip boards or polystyrene foam), with a covering of woven soft rush (igusa) straw, tatami are made in uniform sizes.
Usually, on the long sides, they have edging (heri) of brocade or plain cloth, although some tatami have no edging.

Reitaisai Festival

ReitaisaiYabusame, a Shinto ritual of shooting arrows on horseback, is famous worldwide .

Dates:September 14th-16th
Place:Tsurugaoka Hachiman Shrine
City:2-1-31, Yukinoshita, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture