Sardines Cooked With Escargot Butter Popular With Shoppers

Sardines cooked with escargot butter popular with shoppers

Chef Koji Yamada has been working with the local supermarket Tsuruya in Ueda, Nagano Prefecture, to create healthy recipes for home cooking, which are distributed at all 33 stores of the supermarket in the prefecture.

Yamada, chef of Weisshorn, a restaurant located in Maruko Central Hospital in Ueda, comes up with three or four low-sodium recipes a month that feature in-season ingredients.

Sardines In Oil On New Potatoes, Wash Down With A Drink Or Two

Sardines in oil on new potatoes, wash down with a drink or two

Roswell Hosoki knows a thing or two about the pleasures of making and eating snacks to accompany drinks.

His "Sake no hosomichi" (The narrow road of drinking) comic series has been running for more than 20 years. The short manga captures in four to six pages how sales rep Sotatsu Iwama enjoys drinking and eating seasonal dishes with his superiors, colleagues and friends.

Sardines Boiled Down In Salted Water Just Keep On Evolving

Sardines boiled down in salted water just keep on evolvingPreparing every meal from scratch could be toilsome even for those who love to cook. Although cook-ahead dishes are all the rage lately, cooking specialist Yoshiko Tatsumi has advocated the concept of “tenkai ryori” (evolving dishes).
The idea is to prepare a large amount of ingredients, then evolve them into a variety of dishes.

Rice Bowl With 'kabayaki'-style Sardines And Fried Bones

Rice bowl with 'kabayaki'-style sardines and fried bonesWith a 130-year history behind it, the Akahori Cooking School has seen many changes through the decades.
Masako Akahori is grandmother to Hiromi, the school’s 51-year-old present head.
Masako, the fourth head of the school, was also the first woman to lead the cooking school. When Hiromi’s mother, Chiemi, now aged 80, became its fifth head, the school opened its doors to men.