Security Guard Saw Smoke In Castle's Main Hall

Security guard saw smoke in castle's main hall

Police in Okinawa believe the fire which destroyed Shuri Castle is likely to have started from the main hall. One of the first witnesses saw smoke coming out the first floor of the building.

The blaze engulfed the castle in Naha City as it raged for 11 hours on Thursday. Most of the structures, including the wooden 3-story main hall, were burned to the ground.

Toyota And Lexus Saw Hybrid Sales Go Up By 45 Per Cent In Europe

Toyota And Lexus Saw Hybrid Sales Go Up By 45 Per Cent In EuropeHybrid cars are gaining momentum with Toyota Motor Europe announcing big increases on sales of their hybrids in the old Continent.
The headline figure is a 45 per cent increase on year-to-date hybrid sales versus the same period last year (January to August), with 31 per cent of Toyota’s customers choosing a hybrid powertrain for their next vehicle (41 per cent in Western Europe alone).

Epson Develops World's First Multi-output Saw Oscillators

Epson Develops World's First Multi-Output SAW OscillatorsSeiko Epson Corporation (TSE: 6724, "Epson"), the world leader in quartz crystal technology and the pioneer of SAW*1 filters and oscillators, today introduces the world's first*2 multiple-output SAW oscillators. The new MG-7050 family of multiple-output SAW oscillators (MOSO) allows networking, storage, and computing equipment manufacturers to reduce size, cost, and power without compromising performance or reliability.