Huawei Confirms Its Own Os Will Replace Android In Worst Case Scenario

Huawei Confirms Its Own OS Will Replace Android In Worst Case Scenario

It has long been rumored that Huawei has built its own operating system. Not that lightweight OS that it has running on its new smartwatches, but a full-fledged OS which could replace Android on its smartphones. The company has now confirmed the existence of the operating system while pointing out that it’s will serve as an alternative to Android in the worst case scenario. That involves Huawei being cut off from licensing Google’s Android.

That worst case scenario almost came true for ZTE as it was hit by a ban in the United States for violating an earlier agreement related to a sanctions violation. ZTE later settled its matters with the authorities and was able to operate its business once again.

Virtual Reality Gives Drivers Tsunami Scenario

Virtual reality gives drivers tsunami scenarioWith the dark waters of a tsunami rapidly menacing, the “driver” punches the gas pedal to get away, but the rising deluge causes the engine to conk out. The hapless driver is trapped and can only listen to the sound of the onrushing water as it envelops the car. In just three minutes, the vehicle starts to sink into the cold inky depths.