School Officials Explain Attack

School officials explain attack

Officials at the children's elementary school in Kawasaki City held a news conference on Tuesday evening.

The stabbings killed one girl and wounded 16 other students at the school.

School Official Expresses Anger And Regret

School official expresses anger and regret

Officials at the elementary school in Kawasaki City that the children were attending held a news conference on Tuesday evening.

The stabbings killed one girl and wounded 16 other students at the school.

Prince's School Reopens After Discovery Of Knives

Prince's school reopens after discovery of knives

A junior high school in Tokyo has resumed classes more than two weeks after knives were found on the desk of Prince Hisahito, the son of Crown Prince Akishino.

Students returned to Ochanomizu University Junior High School on Monday.

Knives Found Beside Prince Hisahito's School Desk

Knives found beside Prince Hisahito's school desk

Tokyo police are investigating how two knives ended up beside the school desk of Prince Hisahito, the grandson of Emperor Akihito.

Investigators said the knives were found on Friday at Ochanomizu University Junior High School in Tokyo's Bunkyo Ward which the prince attends. They said there was no one in the classroom at the time as the students were in another part of the school.

High School Boy Purchased Uranium Via Internet

High school boy purchased Uranium via internet

Japanese police say a 16-year-old high school boy in Tokyo illegally bought a small amount of uranium on an auction site. They are investigating him on suspicion of also refining uranium and selling it through the internet.

In 2017, police in Japan learned that powder and solid materials labeled as "uranium" were on sale on an online auction site and some of the listings had already sold.

Japan's Prince Hisahito Enters Junior High School

Japan's Prince Hisahito enters junior high school

Japan's Prince Hisahito, the only grandson of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko, has entered junior high school.

The 12-year-old prince attended an entrance ceremony at Ochanomizu University Junior High School in Tokyo on Monday. The academic year begins in April in Japan.

8,400 Foreign Kids May Fail To Attend School

8,400 foreign kids may fail to attend school

NHK has discovered that as many as 8,400 foreign children living in Japan may not be attending school.

These children are not covered by annual surveys on school attendance conducted by central and local governments. Nine years of education, from elementary to junior high school level, are compulsory only for Japanese citizens.

Tsunami-hit School Buildings Open As Memorial

Tsunami-hit school buildings open as memorial

Buildings of a high school in northeastern Japan that were heavily damaged in the 2011 tsunami have opened to the public as a memorial to the disaster.

About 60 people, including city officials, took part in a ceremony in the city of Kesennuma on Sunday. They observed a moment of silence for the victims of the disaster.

High School Mails Wrong Entrance Exam Results

High school mails wrong entrance exam results

A public senior high school near Tokyo has apologized after sending the wrong entrance exam results to all 85 applicants for its physical education course.

Funabashi Municipal High School in Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture, says the successful applicants got failure notices and the unsuccessful ones received acceptance letters.

Possible Cap On Pitches In High School Baseball

Possible cap on pitches in high school baseball

Discussions are under way in Japan on whether to limit the number on pitches per pitcher in high school baseball games to try to prevent injuries.

An organizer in Niigata Prefecture on the Japan Sea coast announced in December that it plans to introduce a cap of 100 pitches, starting this coming season.

Old School Runescape Released For Ios And Android

Old School Runescape Released For iOS And Android

Old School Runescape is now available for mobile devices. The title has been released today for both iOS and Android. It’s a cross-platform title so users will be able to take their progress from PC to mobile and vice versa between their accounts. The title is one of the largest and most popular MMORPGs in the world.