Police To Analyze Wall That Crushed Schoolgirl

Police to analyze wall that crushed schoolgirl

Police in Osaka have begun investigating the site where a 9-year-old girl was fatally crushed by a concrete block wall that collapsed following Monday's earthquake.

Rina Miyake was on her way to school in the city of Takatsuki when a wall separating the school pool and a public road fell on her.

Saya, The Incredibly Realistic Computer-generated Japanese Schoolgirl

Saya, the Incredibly Realistic Computer-Generated Japanese SchoolgirlAlthough her looks indicate otherwise, Saya is not your typical Japanese schoolgirl. Her parents, Teruyuki and Yuki Ishikawa, have big dreams for their beautiful daughter. They want her to play a character in a movie they are self-producing. Where will she find the time with all her schoolwork? Not to worry. Saya is only as real as the pixels on your screen. Her soft cheeks, lush, black hair and hazel-brown eyes are all computer-generated imagery.

Schoolgirl Sailor-style Uniforms On Decline

Schoolgirl sailor-style uniforms on declineIn Japanese manga and anime, dramas and films, schoolgirls in sailor-style uniforms are an ubiquitous cliche.

According to Japan’s largest uniform manufacturer, Tombow Co., about 50 percent of junior high schools choose sailor-style uniforms, but only 20 percent of high schools do so. Those familiar navy blue, skirted sailor suits are no longer the majority.