Cormorant Fishing Season Begins On Nagara River

Cormorant fishing season begins on Nagara River

Tourists gathered at the Nagara River in central Japan on Saturday to witness the season's opening of traditional fishing using trained waterfowl.

Fishermen in the city of Gifu use cormorants to catch sweetfish in a tradition dating back more than 1,300 years.

Climbing Season Begins For Japan's Kamikochi

Climbing season begins for Japan's Kamikochi

Climbing season is open on the scenic Kamikochi plateau, one of Japan's most popular alpine destinations.

About 3,500 people gathered on Saturday in Kamikochi, Nagano Prefecture. They attended an annual ceremony marking the start of the mountaineering season.

Boating Season In Kumano-gawa Opens

Boating season in Kumano-gawa opens

Visitors and religious figures have marked the start of an annual riverboat season in western Japan.

A purification ceremony took place on Saturday on the Kumano-gawa River in Wakayama Prefecture. The river is part of the Kumano UNESCO World Heritage site.

'ossan's Love' To Return With A Second Season This Year

'Ossan's Love' to return with a second season this year

TV Asahi has revealed that they have officially started working on a second season for popular drama 'Ossan's Love' to air this year. 

'Ossan's Love' aired in spring of last year as TV Asahi's Saturday night drama. It topped Twitter's trending words ranking worldwide and was nominated for the '2018 U-Can Shingo Ryukogo Taisho.' 

Naomi Osaka To Start New Season

Naomi Osaka to start new season

Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka has her sights set on rising to number one in the world ranking as her new year's goal. The US Open winner was enthusiastic when she spoke to NHK.

Osaka said "I think winning the Grand Slam and for it to be the first Grand Slam is something that people will think about. But I think for me I have a lot of goals and I don't really want to stop at just once."

Check Out The Pv For Season 2 Of 'one Punch Man'

Check out the PV for season 2 of 'One Punch Man'

The PV for the second season of TV anime 'One Punch Man' has been revealed. 

In the PV, you will meet Saitama, Genos, Sonic, Blizzard, and new character Garo. Besides TV Tokyo, the anime will also be distributed at the same time on Nico Nico Namahousou. 

Ohtani: First Season In Mlb Was Fulfilling

Ohtani: First season in MLB was fulfilling

Two-way star Shohei Ohtani has said at a news conference on Thursday in Tokyo that his first season in Major League Baseball was fulfilling, and he is recovering well from his elbow surgery.

Ohtani left Japan's professional baseball league and joined the Los Angeles Angels this year.

Salmon Fishing Season Opens In Hokkaido

Salmon fishing season opens in Hokkaido

Fall salmon fishing season has kicked off in Japan's northern island of Hokkaido.

3 fishing boats left the port of Cape Erimo on Saturday morning. They caught 600 kilograms of salmon over a 3-hour period, about 3 times the amount caught on the first day of the season last year.

Fire Festival Marks End Of Fuji Climbing Season

Fire festival marks end of Fuji climbing season

Festival-goers have marked the end of Mount Fuji's summer climbing season with a nighttime parade illuminated by giant torches.

The 2-day Yoshida Fire Festival started on Sunday at the Kitaguchi Hongu Fuji Sengen-jinja shrine at the foot of Mount Fuji in Yamanashi Prefecture. The annual event was first held more than 400 years ago.

Season 2 Of 'one Punch Man' To Air In April 2019

Season 2 of 'One Punch Man' to air in April 2019

'One Punch Man' is coming back with a second season in April of 2019. 

This announcement was made on August 12 during the event 'One Punch Man Maji Gakuensai.' In the teaser visual designed by Kubota Chikashi, you can see a new character 'Garo' in the background with 'Saitama' and 'Genos' in front of him.