Seiji Ozawa Conducts For 1st Time In Over A Year

Seiji Ozawa conducts for 1st time in over a year

Japan's maestro Seiji Ozawa has returned to conducting after being sidelined by poor health for about 14 months.

Ozawa made an appearance for the last piece of a concert program on Wednesday. Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko were among the audience at the concert hall in Tokyo.

Higa Manami & Fukushi Seiji Reported To Be In A Relationship

Higa Manami & Fukushi Seiji reported to be in a relationshipIt was reported that actor Fukushi Seiji (31) and actress Higa Manami (28) are in a relationship.
An acquaintance of the couple revealed, "I hear they are dating." Higa and Fukushi first co-starred in 2012 TBS drama "Hanchou ~Keishicho Azumi-han~", and once again in a special drama "Bakken Record wo Koete" in 2013. They also appeared together in a stage play "Sanada Juyushi" in January of last year.

Seiji Ozawa Wants To Conduct In China

Seiji Ozawa wants to conduct in ChinaInternationally renowned conductor Seiji Ozawa expressed his desire to hold performances in China, saying the strained relations between Tokyo and Beijing should not affect private-level exchanges.

Seiji Fujishiro: At 89, Shadow Picture Artist Continues To Shine

SEIJI FUJISHIRO: At 89, shadow picture artist continues to shineWith a steady hand and a razor blade grasped firmly between his fingers, Seiji Fujishiro deftly cuts numerous straight lines through a piece of paper. In late November 2013, The shadow (also known as a paper-cut) picture artist is putting the finishing touches on a picture book titled “Kaze No Matasaburo” (Matasaburo of the wind).