Vintage Atari 2700 Found In A Thrift Store Sells For $3,000 On Ebay

Vintage Atari 2700 Found In A Thrift Store Sells For $3,000 On eBay

For those who snub their noses at thrift stores because they think that there's nothing good, you might want to rethink that because in a post on Reddit, Redditor L064N revealed that he discovered an Atari 2700 console while shopping at a thrift store. He did not immediately recognize it but a quick Google search told him what he was looking at.

According to his post, "I was at the DAV Thrift Store in Oceanside today like 10 minutes before they closed and I saw this sitting on the shelf and it seemed odd to me as i’d never seen an Atari like it. Some quick googling led me to believe it was some cool rare prototype so I bought it."

Rare, Sealed Nes Game 'stadium Events' Sells For $42,000

Rare, Sealed NES Game 'Stadium Events' Sells For $42,000

Old video games might not necessarily look the best, but they represent a piece of gaming history, which is why sometimes older games can fetch a pretty penny. In fact recently it seems that a rare and sealed copy of NES game "Stadium Events" managed to fetch close to $42,000 after being sold to a serious buyer.

According to Kotaku, the seller had originally tried to sell the game on eBay where someone actually won the bid, but apparently the winner of the bid decided not to pay for it. Thankfully the seller was contacted by a "serious buyer" and a deal was struck. What makes Stadium Events so valuable is the fact that the game was only released for a very short period of time before it was pulled and replaced with "World Class Track Meet".

Store Sells Four 'matsutake' Mushrooms For 100,000 Yen

Store sells four 'matsutake' mushrooms for 100,000 yen

OSAKA--Four "matsutake" mushrooms, the king of autumn delicacies, made a surprise appearance at a spring-time sale here May 15, carrying a regal tax-exclusive price tag of 100,000 yen ($881) per 100 grams.

The four fragrant fungi of the "samatsutake" species from Yamaguchi Prefecture were all sold at the Hanshin Department Store in the Umeda district of Osaka's Kita Ward.

Finance Bureau Sells Property For School Far Below Appraised Value

Finance bureau sells property for school far below appraised valueA Finance Ministry local bureau here sold a state-owned parcel to a private school operator connected to the wife of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at a fraction of the price of an adjacent similar-sized state-owned lot.
Akie Abe will be the honorary principal of the school to be opened on the site in Osaka Prefecture in April.

Nintendo: Rare Pokemon Card Sells For Almost $55,000

Nintendo: Rare Pokemon Card Sells For Almost $55,000Rare items tend to fetch a lot of money. They are usually auctioned off to the highest bidder. We have often covered rare Apple computers going for outrageous prices but this is something else entirely. A rare Pokemon card, yes a card, has been auctioned for a whopping $54,970. This is the most that has ever been paid for a Pokemon card and I’m sure it’s going to hold the record for a long time.

Toyota Sells Its Millionth Hybrid In Europe

Toyota Sells Its Millionth Hybrid In EuropeToyota celebrates their millionth hybrid model sold in Europe, with the lucky German customer receiving as a bonus a second Auris Hybrid for free.
When Victor Dugonics from Germany went to his Dusseldorf dealership to take delivery of his brand new Toyota Auris Hybrid, he was in for a surprise as the company offered his wife a second Auris Hybrid for one year, free of charge.

Renault-nissan Alliance Sells Its 250,000th Electric Vehicle

Renault-Nissan Alliance sells its 250,000th electric vehicleThe Renault-Nissan Alliance, the world's leader in zero-emission mobility, has sold its 250,000th electric vehicle: a white Renault ZOE sold to a French engineer.
The Alliance reached the historic milestone in early June, just over four years after the launch of the Nissan LEAF, the world's first mass-market zero-emission vehicle.* The Alliance today accounts for half of the electric vehicles sold worldwide. Nissan LEAF remains the best-selling electric vehicle of all time, with more than 180,000 units sold.