Olympus Orbeye Neurosurgery Camera, Powered Sony Camera Sensors

Olympus ORBEYE Neurosurgery Camera, Powered Sony Camera Sensors

At CEATEC 2019, we spotted the Olympus ORBEYE, a powerful medical camera that is powered by Sony Camera sensors, some of them small enough to fit in our phones.

Many people don’t realize that today’s best mobile camera phones are nearly always powered by at least one Sony camera sensor. We look at this extensively because we have our Camera IQ mobile camera benchmark.

Sony Camera Sensors Could Come Integrated With Ai In The Future

Sony Camera Sensors Could Come Integrated With AI In The Future

When it comes to a camera’s capabilities, there are many factors involved that helps create a high-quality image. For example, the lens of the camera needs to be good, the software used to process the image, and the sensors used by the camera as well. However, it seems that in the future, there is a chance that Sony’s camera sensors could get a boost with AI.

This is based on an overview of Sony’s semiconductor business where Sony talks about how they plan to integrate AI processor directly into its sensor hardware. According to the overview, these sensors seem to be more targeted towards mobile, automotives, and industrial purposes, but as Sony Alpha Rumors points out, there is a chance that this tech could trickle down to Sony’s cameras as well.

Sony Developing 3d Camera Sensors For Mass Production In Summer 2019

Sony developing 3D camera sensors for mass production in Summer 2019

Sony's imaging division has developed new 3D camera sensors, and is currently in talks with a number of potential customers including Apple and Samsung. These new cameras use ToF (time of flight) technology which uses laser pulses and measures the time taken for these pulses to bounce back. This is more accurate compared to the current ‘structured light' approach that have limitations on accuracy and distance.

Apple Might Be Interested In Sony's 3d Camera Sensors

Apple Might Be Interested In Sony's 3D Camera Sensors

What we’ve seen Apple do with every new generation of iPhones is offer new features while maintaining existing ones while improving on it. This is why it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that Apple could be interested in Sony’s 3D camera sensors, at least according to a report from Bloomberg.

According to the report, it claims that Sony is expected to boost the number of 3D camera sensors that they make due to interest from phone makers, Apple included. Satoshi Yoshihara, head of Sony’s sensor division said, “Cameras revolutionized phones, and based on what I’ve seen, I have the same expectation for 3D. The pace will vary by field, but we’re definitely going to see adoption of 3D. I’m certain of it.”

Mitsubishi Has Developed An Autonomous Platform That Enables Networked Smart Appliances To Use Their Sensors And Functionalities To Cooperate

Mitsubishi has developed an autonomous platform that enables networked smart appliances to use their sensors and functionalities to cooperateMitsubishi Electric has developed an autonomous platform that enables networked smart appliances to use their sensors and functionalities to cooperate in new home services. Mitsubishi Electric’s new platform incorporates technology that will enable appliances to collaborate with each other without connection to a cloud or the internet, and to support new services that could not be implemented with individual appliances. The result will be more comfortable and convenient living environments in which occupants will not be required to operate or adjust their smart appliances on a daily basis.

Panasonic Announces 3 Kinds Of Sensors For 'hydrogen Society'

Panasonic Announces 3 Kinds of Sensors for 'Hydrogen Society'

Panasonic Corp introduced three kinds of sensors that it is developing for "hydrogen energy society" in the "World of IoT" area at Semicon Japan 2017, which took place from Dec 13 to 15, 2017, at Tokyo Big Sight.

The three sensors are "ultrasonic gas flow meter," "IoT-compatible hydrogen detection sensor" and "UV light detection hydrogen flame visualization camera." For the ultrasonic gas flow meter, Panasonic applied its semiconductor chips and sensors for gas meters. Panasonic has a large share of the Japanese market for them. It measures gas flow rate by using an ultrasonic sensor and calculates the flow rates of gases including hydrogen by multiplying it by cross-section area.

Sony's Initiatives In Automotive Image Sensors

Sony's Initiatives in Automotive Image Sensors

In October 2014, Sony Corporation ("Sony") announced that it would commercialize image sensors for automotive use. Having positioned automotive as one of the focus areas of its image sensor business, Sony has released a number of highly advanced products in this area that boast industry-first features and capabilities.


Panasonic's Robot Cleaner Comes With Camera, Laser Sensors

Panasonic's Robot Cleaner Comes With Camera, Laser Sensors (1)

Panasonic Corp announced a new model of the "Rulo" robot cleaner Aug 24, 2017.

The new product, "MC-RS800," comes with camera and laser sensors in addition to ultrasonic and infrared sensors, which are also used for the previous model. It can clean a room while detecting its own location and obstacles as if it is an ultra-small autonomous car.

Sony: Fingerprint Sensors On Us Xperia Xz & X Compact Can Be Re-enabled

Sony: Fingerprint Sensors On US Xperia XZ & X Compact Can Be Re-EnabledAs you might have heard, the US version of the Xperia XZ and the Xperia X Compact will apparently not have fingerprint sensors. We’re not sure why this is, but this isn’t the first time Sony has done this. However it seems that the fingerprint sensors can actually be re-enabled because all Sony has done is disable them, as opposed to removing the component entirely.

Casio New G-shock Mudmaster Watch With Twin Sensors

Casio New G-SHOCK MUDMASTER Watch with Twin SensorsCasio announced today the latest addition to its line of G-SHOCK watches with a dust and mud-resistant structure able to withstand the harshest land environments- GG-1000. The Casio GG-1000 features twin sensors to measure temperature and compass bearing. The G-SHOCK MUDMASTER, the GG-1000, features temperature and compass bearing sensors and is constructed to withstand the dirt, dust and sand of harsh environments.

Three Nikon Dl Enthusiast Compacts With 1-inch Type Sensors Covers All Focal Lengths

Three Nikon DL enthusiast compacts with 1-inch type sensors covers all focal lengthsNikon is entering the 1"-type premium compact market in a big way, introducing three new models: the Nikon DL18-50, DL24-85 and DL-24-500. Between them, they cover pretty much every focal length. The 'guts' of all three 'DL' models are the same, in that they share a sensor, image processor, autofocus system and support for 4K video (with clean HDMI output, no less). Parts of the design, especially the control layout and font, strongly resemble that of Nikon's 1-series mirrorless cameras.

Rumor : Upcoming Nikon Dl Lineup To Features 1-inch Sensors

Rumor : Upcoming Nikon DL Lineup To Features 1-inch SensorsA few years ago, compact cameras were typically seen as cameras for the average consumer who just wanted a way to capture photos. However today with compact cameras starting to sport better technology, some professionals are more than happy to switch to compact cameras when they are traveling and don’t want to lug around a bulky and heavy DSLR.