Nintendo Will Release Dragalia Lost Mobile Game On September 27th

Nintendo Will Release Dragalia Lost Mobile Game On September 27th

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It was reported in April that Nintendo has teamed up with Cygames to develop its first original action RPG mobile game called Dragalia Lost. The company was previously only allowing pre-registrations for this game on its Japanese language website but it has now confirmed the release details for this title in other markets as well. The company’s first original mobile game called Dragalia Lost is going to be released on September 27th.

Nikon Doesn't Think They Can Fulfill All Z7 Orders In September

Nikon Doesn't Think They Can Fulfill All Z7 Orders In September

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Last week both the Nikon Z6 and Z7 digital cameras were announced. The Z6 is only expected to be released in November, with the Z7 pegged for a release towards the end of September. However it seems that demand for the new cameras might be more than what Nikon anticipated as the company has since expressed regret that they might not be able to fulfill all orders by then.

Rihwa To Release 10th Single In September

Rihwa to release 10th single in September

Rihwa will release her 10th single "MY LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL ~1 Pint no Yuuki~ / Sun Comes Up" on September 26.

For "MY LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL ~1 Pint no Yuuki~," Rihwa worked with music producers Tabo Kochi and UTA. It's a pop song that fuses Irish sounds with a dance track. You can hear the tin whistle and fiddle, instruments that are essential to Irish folk songs. 

Sony To Release Android 9 Pie Update From September

Sony To Release Android 9 Pie Update From September

Google recently released Android 9 Pie to the public. You could count the number of devices that this update is currently available for on your fingers. It’s going to be a while before the company’s OEM partners start rolling out this update for their devices. It has now been confirmed that the Sony Android 9 Pie update is going to start rolling out for six devices from next month.

OEMs are gradually revealing their roadmap for the Android 9 Pie update. HTC recently listed all of the devices that will receive the latest iteration of Google’s mobile platform.

Nintendo Switch Online Service Set For Second Half Of September

Nintendo Switch Online Service Set For Second Half Of September

Earlier this year Nintendo confirmed that their upcoming online service for the Nintendo Switch would be launching in September. Now according to a new announcement from the company, it seems that we might have narrowed the timeframe down to the second half of September, although specific dates have yet to be confirmed.

According to Nintendo, “Please note that Nintendo Switch owners won’t be automatically subscribed to the service when it starts, so they will need to purchase an individual or family membership in order to avoid disruption of their online play in compatible games.” Basically it means that just because it has launched, it doesn’t mean that you will be subscribed as it will still be an option as to whether or not you want to go through with it.

Canon Will Reportedly Announce New Mirrorless Cameras On September 4

Canon Will Reportedly Announce New Mirrorless Cameras On September 4

Nikon will be announcing a new mirrorless camera on the 23rd of August. However it seems that Nikon’s chief rival, Canon, might not be sitting idly by because according to a report from Mirrorless Rumors, Canon is expected to make their own announcement shortly after on either the 4th or 5th of September (depending on your timezone).

This is actually the second time such a report has surfaced because prior to this, CanonWatch has also reported a similar story. Of course whether or not that is true remains to be seen, but generally speaking if there’s smoke, there’s bound to be fire (somewhere). Details about the announcement are scarce, but it is expected to be about mirrorless cameras.

Asian Kung-fu Generation To Release A New Single In September

ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION to release a new single in September

ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION will release a new single called "Boys & Girls" on September 26. 

The last time the band released a single was "Kouya wo Aruke" a year and a half ago. The title track is described as a medium-tempo tune with lyrics that cheer on people living in this era. Besides this, the single will include "Shukujitsu" composed by Yamada Takahiro (B). 

Yuki's New Single To Drop In September

YUKI's new single to drop in September

YUKI's new single "Traumerei" will drop in stores on September 19. 

The title track is the theme song to Arimura Kasumi's starring film 'Coffee ga Samenai Uchi ni.' It was both written and produced by YUKI after she read the novel that the movie is based on. You can listen to a clip of "Traumerei" in the trailer for the movie below. 

Babyraids Japan To Disband After Their Last Live In September

Babyraids JAPAN to disband after their last live in September

It's been announced that Babyraids JAPAN will disband after their one-man live on September 24 at Yamanakako Koryu Plaza Kirara in Yamagata. 

The group explained, "After many discussions, we've reached a conclusion that we wouldn't be able to carry out our activities in the same direction. As such, the members and staff all chose to 'disband.'" Member Hayashi Manatsu commented, "When I look back on the 6 years, the Toraga (Babyraids JAPAN fans) were always there. I only have treasured memories."

Tamura Meimi's Solo Debut Single To Be Released In September

Tamura Meimi's solo debut single to be released in September

Former ANGERME member Tamura Meimi will release her solo debut single "Kagayaite ~My dream goes on~" on September 26. 

Tamura graduated from ANGERME in May of 2016 in order to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a musical actress. Her solo debut single is created with the concept "fusing musical and pop." The title track was composed by Kari Kimmel, written by Fujibayashi Shoko, and produced by Tobinai Masahiro (agehasprings). 

Golden Bomber To Release A New Single In September

Golden Bomber to release a new single in September

Golden Bomber will release their new single "Tatsuo... Yome wo Ore ni Kure" on September 1. 

Both the title track and coupling song "Kinjo no Okusan wo Shihai Suru" are written, composed, and sung by Darvish Kenji (Doramu). Because Darvish is in charge of the song, Kiryuin Sho (Vo-karu) plays the drums for these two tracks. "Tatsuo... Yome wo Ore ni Kure" and their new song "Tsuyoizo! Robo Hip" are currently available for download via iTunes Store, mora, Amazon Music, and other music distributing services. 

Ngt48 To Release 4th Single In September

NGT48 to release 4th single in September

NGT48 will release their fourth single (currently untitled) on September 26. 

This announcement was made on July 9 during a performance at NGT48 Theater. It will be the group's first single after welcoming 16 second generation members and five draft research students.