Cooked Radish Served At Year-end Ritual In Kyoto

Cooked radish served at year-end ritual in Kyoto

A Buddhist temple in Kyoto is holding its annual year-end event serving cooked Japanese radish, or daikon, to pray for the good health of visitors.

The Senbon Shakado temple's "Daikodaki" is a celebration of the Buddha's spiritual awakening and is said to date back about seven centuries.

Local Game Meats Served In Western Japan

Local game meats served in western Japan

Meat lovers have flocked to an event promoting wild game dishes made from locally hunted deer and boar in Kochi Prefecture, western Japan.

Fifteen restaurants and groups set up booths at a venue in the town of Otoyo on Monday, a national holiday.

Giant Mooncake Served In Yokohama Chinatown

Giant mooncake served in Yokohama Chinatown

People in Yokohama's Chinatown have been treated to a giant mooncake to mark the Mid-Autumn Festival.

A local hotel bakes the huge traditional delicacy each year. Chinese folklore says eating mooncakes in the evening of the harvest festival brings good luck.

Lamb Chops Served With Beans In A Lemon-flavored Butter

Lamb chops served with beans in a lemon-flavored butterPostwar Japan's diet has undergone many changes, but cooking expert Fusako Holthaus laments that not many people have opened their eyes to the joys of lamb.
“It is a choice ingredient with excellent flavor,” says Holthaus, 81, who first tried lamb at a barbecue in the United States in the 1960s.

Tasty Rice Cakes From Tottori Served In 'furoshiki' Cloth

Tasty rice cakes from Tottori served in 'furoshiki' clothO-buroshiki, a popular confection from Tottori Prefecture, comes wrapped in a "furoshiki" cloth printed in a traditional "karakusa" (arabesque) pattern.
O-buroshiki is a set of "mochi" (rice cakes) covered with "kinako" (sweetened soybean flour). People eat the cakes after topping them with syrup made from the Nijisseiki pear, a renowned local specialty.