New Coronavirus Panel Set To Meet

New coronavirus panel set to meet

The Japanese government's new panel of experts plans to meet for the first time on Wednesday to assess the effectiveness of the government's coronavirus measures.

Japan has confirmed around 100 new coronavirus cases over the past few days.

Emails Reportedly Corroborate Ghosn's Claim That Nissan Set Him Up

Emails reportedly corroborate Ghosn's claim that Nissan set him up

An internal email trail reportedly supports former boss Carlos Ghosn's claim that Nissan orchestrated his ouster. The leaked emails have been corroborated by sources familiar with their contents, Bloomberg reports. 

Emails going back to February 2018, a year before his arrest, allegedly describe a deliberate and multi-pronged effort — a "methodical campaign," Bloomberg said — to remove Ghosn from the company and in so doing, put Nissan in position to negotiate a more favorable relationship with alliance partner Renault. 

Govt. Set To Continue Okinawa Base Relocation Plan

Govt. set to continue Okinawa base relocation plan

Japan's central government looks set to continue implementing its plan to relocate a US base within the southwestern prefecture of Okinawa.

Sunday's Okinawa prefectural assembly election gave a small majority to parties supporting Governor Tamaki Denny.

Japan Set To Approve Antiviral Drug Remdesivir

Japan set to approve antiviral drug remdesivir

Japan's health ministry appears set to approve antiviral drug remdesivir as a treatment for new coronavirus patients.

The fast-track approval follows in the footsteps of the United States, which authorized last Friday the emergency use of the drug to treat coronavirus patients.

Japan Set To Extend State Of Emergency Till May 31

Japan set to extend state of emergency till May 31

Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo is set to extend the nationwide state of emergency over the coronavirus outbreak by nearly a month until the end of May.

Abe received updates on the domestic situation in a meeting on Sunday from health minister Kato Katsunobu and Nishimura Yasutoshi, minister in charge of coronavirus response.

Abe Set To Extend State Of Emergency

Abe set to extend state of emergency

Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo says his government plans to make a formal decision on Monday about extending a nationwide state of emergency for about a month. The current state of emergency expires on May 6.

Abe spoke to reporters on Friday evening after being briefed on a meeting of a panel of experts advising the government.

The Oral Cigarettes To Set Out On Zepp Tour From August

THE ORAL CIGARETTES to set out on Zepp tour from August

THE ORAL CIGARETTES' new album "SUCK MY WORLD" will drop on April 29. To coincide with this release, the band will be setting out on a Zepp tour this summer. 

For the upcoming tour, the band is scheduled to perform at Zepp Nagoya, Zepp DiverCity, Zepp Osaka Bayside, Zepp Fukuoka, and Zepp Sapporo in August and September. You can check out the schedule below.

Govt. Set To Announce Emergency Package

Govt. set to announce emergency package

The Japanese government is set to announce emergency economic measures on Tuesday to deal with the impact of the coronavirus. The package is worth about one trillion dollars. Tokyo plans to issue additional bonds to help fund the spending.

Prime Minister Abe Shinzo has said that the scale of the stimulus will be unprecedented equivalent to about one-fifth of Japan's gross domestic product.

Tokyo To Set New Dates For Olympics Next Week

Tokyo to set new dates for Olympics next week

The head of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics organizing committee says he hopes to set new dates for the postponed events by the end of next week.

The committee has been working to finalize schedules and secure venues for the Games since they were postponed from this summer in the face of the coronavirus. It wants to hold them by the summer of 2021 at the latest.

Coronavirus: Japan To Set Up Task Force

Coronavirus: Japan to set up task force

The Japanese government will set up a coronavirus task force based on new legislation to deal with the outbreak.

Health Minister Katsunobu Kato met Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Thursday. The Japanese Cabinet has decided to set up the task force later in the day.

Education Guidelines For Non-japanese To Be Set

Education guidelines for non-Japanese to be set

Japan's education ministry plans to draw up guidelines to provide educational opportunities for all foreign children living in Japan.

Last September, the ministry surveyed over 124,000 foreign children aged between 6 and 14 who are currently registered in local residence records.

Japan Set To Enforce Virus-related Orders On Sat.

Japan set to enforce virus-related orders on Sat.

The Japanese government says it will start enforcing on Saturday ordinances that allow it to tighten immigration controls and take other measures to prevent the new coronavirus from spreading.

The government initially planned to start enforcing the ordinances next Friday. The move to fast-track their enactment came after the World Health Organization declared the outbreak a public health emergency of international concern on Thursday.