Sony Killzone Shadow Fall: Your Questions Answered

Sony Killzone Shadow Fall: Your Questions AnsweredAs Killzone Shadow Fall gears up for PS4’s November 15th launch in North America, we caught up with Game Director Steven Ter Heide to get answers to your burning questions across single-player and multiplayer.
We reveal new details on co-op, dedicated servers, weapons, DualShock 4, and much more. Enjoy!

Sony : Killzone Shadow Fall Multiplayer Q&a

Sony : Killzone Shadow Fall Multiplayer Q&AYesterday, Killzone Shadow Fall Lead Designer Eric Boltjes held a presentation on the game’s multiplayer mode at the 2013 Eurogamer Expo in London. Afterwards he also fielded questions from the audience, going into greater detail about some of Killzone Shadow Fall’s features and design choices.

Sony Announces Ps4 Bundles With ‘killzone: Shadow Fall’

Sony announces PS4 bundles with ‘Killzone: Shadow Fall’PS4 bundle offers designated for European customers which will include the newest entry in the Killzone franchise and a few extra toppings to boot.
Today, Sony acknowledged the existence of the long rumored PS4 bundle which includes Killzone: Shadow Fall. News first broke about the package deal back in August when Amazon France accidentally spilled the beans.

Sony : Killzone Shadow Fall Season Pass Revealed

Sony : Killzone Shadow Fall Season Pass RevealedToday we’re excited to announce the season pass for Killzone Shadow Fall.
We’re pulling out all the stops for Killzone Shadow Fall’s multiplayer, and we already have several forms of downloadable content planned for extensive post-launch multiplayer support. In addition to new competitive multiplayer maps – which, as we mentioned before, will be released for free – we’re also working on paid expansion packs that will further enhance your online experience.

Sony : Killzone Shadow Fall Q&a: The Black Hand

Sony : Killzone Shadow Fall Q&A: The Black HandFollowing our recent Guerrilla Dossier on the Black Hand, we’ve asked Art Director Roy Postma and Assistant Art Director Dan Calvert to tell us more about the creation and design of the radical Helghast subfaction from Killzone Shadow Fall.

Sony : Killzone: Shadow Fall Ps4 Multiplayer Hands-on

Sony : Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4 Multiplayer Hands-onGoing hands-on with Killzone: Shadow Fall’s multiplayer mode for the first time at Gamescom, I couldn’t help but feel that Shadow Fall represents a sea change for the veteran shooter series. The gameplay retains the series’ signature weight and heft, so you never feel like you’re ice-skating through the the meticulously detailed environments. But thanks to a host of refinements from Guerrilla Games, Shadow Fall is undeniably a faster, more fluid, and more satisfying Killzone. Call it Killzone reborn.

Hands On With Killzone: Shadow Fall On Sony Ps4

Hands On with Killzone: Shadow Fall on Sony PS4At a recent event in New York, I got my hands on Guerrilla Games’ upcoming PS4 launch title, Killzone: Shadow Fall. The game will feel instantly familiar to anyone who’s followed the long-running series, but there are enough new features and additions that even the most battle-worn Helghan veterans will want a primer before heading into battle.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Actors Revealed

Killzone: Shadow Fall Actors RevealedAlthough they’ve shared the same planet for thirty years, the Vektans and the Helghast are now on the brink of war. With both factions eager to protect their home and reclaim what they believe is theirs, trust has reached an all-time low. The wall built to separate both sides can no longer contain the enemy.