Japan To Launch Info-sharing System On Coronavirus

Japan to launch info-sharing system on coronavirus

Japan's public health authorities will launch a new online system this week to improve information-sharing on people infected with the coronavirus.

The new system was developed by the health ministry to integrate data on infected people between the central and prefectural governments, and public health centers.

Us To Discuss Overall Defense Sharing With Japan

US to discuss overall defense sharing with Japan

A senior US State Department official says the US government plans to discuss with Japan how to share overall defense responsibilities, in addition to the cost of keeping US troops in the country.

The current five-year agreement on the cost of stationing US forces in Japan will expire in March 2021. President Donald Trump's administration has asked Japan to significantly increase its share of the burden.

Suga: Japan, S.korea Should Keep Sharing Intel

Suga: Japan, S.Korea should keep sharing intel

Japan's top government spokesperson has indicated that the country and South Korea should maintain their intelligence-sharing pact, despite strained ties.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga spoke to reporters on Monday, ahead of the August 24 deadline for applying to terminate the General Security of Military Information Agreement, or GSOMIA.

How Renault, Fiat Chrysler, And Yes, Nissan, Could Save Through Sharing

How Renault, Fiat Chrysler, and yes, Nissan, could save through sharing

If French automaker Renault green-lights a proposed merger with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, the companies almost immediately could begin saving money by consolidating components and basic structures on many of their most popular vehicles, an industry analyst said on Tuesday. The synergies could multiply if they invite Japanese automaker Nissan, currently Renault's alliance partner, to join the merger, according to a former Renault and Nissan executive. Renault and Italian-American rival Fiat Chrysler Automobiles are in talks to tackle the costs of far-reaching technological and regulatory changes by creating the world's third-biggest automaker. A Renault-Fiat Chrysler combination "would mean a greater sharing of parts (which) could really boost the profitability of Fiat Chrysler's smaller vehicles," said Sam Fiorani, vice president, AutoForecast Solutions. Building similar models on a common vehicle architecture, Fiorani said, "would give both companies a lot more freedom in manufacturing. They could mix brands and vehicle sizes on the same assembly line, switch vehicles between plants to balance production, and even shift production from one country to another, depending on changes in demand, tariffs or other considerations." Fiorani said Fiat Chrysler could benefit from sharing the French automaker's expertise in electric vehicles and powertrains, where Renault and Nissan have jointly invested more than $5 billion. These are areas in which Fiat Chrysler has little in the way of components or intellectual property. Another sector that is ripe for consolidation is light commercial vehicles, where Renault and Fiat Chrysler could build a variety of vans in several sizes on common platforms that could be assembled and sold in global markets. Ford Motor Co and Volkswagen AG began their alliance discussions a year ago by focusing on potential collaboration in light commercial vehicles.

Getting Nissan's blessing

Fiorani said Renault's CMF architecture, which was jointly developed with Nissan and underpins many of Renault's passenger cars and crossovers, could be used by Fiat Chrysler on a wide variety of vehicles. As an example, he said the CMF could provide a new single foundation for at least five Jeep models, including the Renegade, Compass and Cherokee, which now are based on four different platforms. A hurdle to implementing the merger is all the intellectual property — including the CMF vehicle architecture — that is shared between Renault and Nissan, said Patrick Pelata, a veteran of the two automakers' alliance who was formerly Renault's chief operating officer. "They will need Nissan's agreement for it to be used by Fiat Chrysler," Pelata told BFM radio on Tuesday. "Nobody's talking about that right now, but it's an important subject." Renault would not likely be interested in sharing Fiat Chrysler's body-on-frame platforms, which underpin the automaker's big pickups and SUVs in North America, Fiorani said. "But if Nissan is invited to join the merger, that could open up new possibilities," he said. "Nissan could use Fiat Chrysler's full-size truck platform for its next-generation Titan and Armada, while Fiat Chrysler could use Nissan's mid-size truck platform for the next-generation Dakota and Durango." Fiorani said it likely would take at least two years after a Renault-Fiat Chrysler merger is approved before the arrival of the first new vehicles built on shared architectures.

Skype For Ios And Android Now Offer Screen Sharing

Skype For iOS And Android Now Offer Screen Sharing

Skype is introducing a new feature to its mobile apps in beta which many users might find to be quite useful. It has added screen sharing to both the iOS and Android apps. The feature isn’t as significant as some of the other features that Skype has introduced recently, such as background blur in video calls, but it’s quite meaningful nonetheless.

Those who have the latest Insider build will now be able to share their screen on an Android or iOS device during a call. In order to do that, they just need to tap on “…” and select Screen Share to get started.

Stolen Honda Hr-v Found With Lyft Stickers On, Ride-sharing Company Is Oblivious

Stolen Honda HR-V Found With Lyft Stickers On, Ride-Sharing Company Is Oblivious

A couple living in San Francisco didn’t get to enjoy their new Honda HR-V for long, as it was stolen at the end of August, while it was parked in front of their apartment in Livermore.

Fast-forward to December, and Cierra and Josh Barton, the HR-V's owners, were contacted by the police, informing them that their crossover had been found in Hayward, after being abandoned on the side of the road for about two weeks, the San Francisco Chronicle reported on Wednesday.

Parties To Discuss Cost Sharing For Tokyo Olympics

Parties to discuss cost sharing for Tokyo OlympicsParties involved in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics will soon start a serious debate on how to share the huge costs of hosting the Games.

The organizing committee estimates that total could be up to 1.8 trillion yen, or about 15 billion dollars.

Japan's 'sharing Economy' All The Rage In 2016

Japan's 'sharing economy' all the rage in 2016Japan's "sharing economy" all but caught fire in 2016, inspired by a growing global trend.
Overseas giants such as U.S. Airbnb Inc. and Uber technologies Inc. have rapidly spread and some major cities such as Seoul and Amsterdam promote themselves as sharing cities.

Toyota's Yuko Car Sharing Program Features Nothing But Hybrids

Toyota's YUKÕ Car Sharing Program Features Nothing But HybridsToyota has just unveiled its car sharing program currently being piloted in the cities of Dublin, Ireland and Forli, Italy.
Dubbed YUKÕ, Japanese for ‘let’s go’, it consists solely of hybrid models, specifically the Toyota Prius, Yaris Hybrid and C-HR Hybrid. The pilot will initially consist of 15 vehicles available in select parts of Dublin while 7 will be accessible in Forli.

Softbank Launches Iot-based Bicycle Sharing System

Softbank Launches IoT-based Bicycle Sharing SystemSoftbank Corp and Openstreet, which was spun out from Softbank by using a "new business proposal system," will offer the "Hello Cycling" IoT-based bicycle sharing system.
The two companies plan to offer the service across Japan by tying up with service providers in many regions.