Sharp Galapagos Comes On 11 Dec

Sharp Galapagos comes on 11 Dec Sharp announced their plan to release their Galapagos Tablet and Service in two weeks, Friday 10th December.

Two models will be available with the 5.5” one, available in RED (EB-W51GJ-R) or SILVER (EB-W51GJ-S) and sold at 39,800 Yen as well as the 10.8” (EB-WX1GJ-B) sold at 54,800 Yen.

Kddi Smart Phones Are Here

KDDI smart phones are hereAiming to overcome its late start in the smart phone war, KDDI released a handset for its au brand Friday armed with functions familiar to users of conventional cell phones but not featured in smart phones before.

The IS03, manufactured by Sharp , is the first smart phone in the domestic market to include the e-wallet function, infrared data communications and one-seg digital TV broadcasts all together.

Sharp Galapagos 3d Phone

Sharp Galapagos 3D PhoneSharp has rolled out two mighty-sounding Galapagos 3D handsets in Japan, the touchscreen-only 003SH and the Qwerty keyboard-packing 005SH.

Both have 3.8-inch LCD screens and a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, powering Android 2.2 Froyo. They have impressive sounding cameras too, the touchscreen version with 9.6 megapixels and the Qwerty one 8 megapixels, capable of shooting 720p video.

Sharp Focuses Only On Tablets

Sharp MebiusSharp will cease production of laptop and desktop computers , which are available in Japan , and will instead focus on Galapagos tablets and e-book readers.

It seems the Mebius laptop line, on the other hand, is probably not much longer for this world.

Elpida Sharp Makes Future Memory

Elpida MemoryJapan Elpida and Sharp will co-develop a next-generation memory chip for commercialization in 2013, reported The Nikkei business daily.

The ReRAM or resistive random access memory chip consumes less power and is capable of writing data 10,000 times faster than NAND flash memory, which is widely used in mobile devices, the business daily said.

Sharp Launches 2 Android Tablets

Sharp GalapagosJapanese tech giant Sharp announced it would launch a 5.5-inch and a 10.8-inch tablet named Galapagos, as well as an electronic bookstore in December – but only in Japan .

Both tablets will feature Wi-Fi communication and are Android-based; the smaller model will have a 1024 x 600 LCD screen, while the larger version will boast a 1366 x 800 pixel resolution.


Jbic To Provide $43 Bil. For Japan Firms

JBIC to provide $43 bil. for Japan firmsThe Japan Bank for International Cooperation will set a $43 billion credit line to major Japanese banks to promote Japanese companies' acquisition activities overseas, sources familiar with the matter said Tuesday.

Strawberry Night Drama Series

Strawberry Night drama seriesNeat and clean actress Takeuchi Yuko tried out the role of a detective for the first time in the 2010 drama special, “Strawberry Night“, and today it was revealed that she will reprise this role for a full-fledged drama adaption next year.

Nissan To Build Rwd Sport Ev

Geneva 2011 Nissan ESFLOW

Nissan is planning to launch its own small sports car . Nissan’s newcomer will have a rear-wheel drive system and will be powered by the Leaf’s electric drivetrain.

The news comes as part of Nissan’s ambitious plan to launch 52 new cars by 2016.

Lexus Lf-gh Confirmed For Au Show

Lexus LF-Gh confirmed for Australian Motor ShowLexus has confirmed that its LF-Gh Concept sedan will appear at July's Australian International Motor Show, giving Australian buyers a preview of the brand's next-generation large sedan.

The Melbourne event will be the hybrid concept's second major event, following its global unveiling at April's New York Auto Show.

Caring Of Kyocera Ceramic Knives

Kyocera Ceramic Knives Kyocera Ceramic knives that are not properly maintained can become dull and ineffective tools for your kitchen. No chef wants cutlery that under-performs.

Following these three basic steps to care for your ceramic knives will ensure your tools longer, cut smoothly and remain effective tools in your kitchen.