Sharp Ceo May Have Confirmed Next Iphone’s Oled Display

Sharp CEO May Have Confirmed Next iPhone’s OLED DisplayWe’ve been hearing rumors for a few years now that Apple is going to shift to OLED displays for the iPhone but the company hasn’t done that yet. Recent rumors suggest that next year’s model, which will also be a commemoration of the iPhone’s tenth anniversary, is going to feature an OLED display. The newly appointed Sharp CEO Tai Jeng-wu appears to have confirmed rumors that the next-generation iPhone is going to have an OLED display.

Sharp's Igzo Display Makes Dots Invisible For Vr

Sharp's IGZO Display Makes Dots Invisible for VRThe immersiveness of VR (virtual reality) is often impaired by the visible dots of a display. This is a problem common to existing VR headsets, which magnify the images of display panels by using lenses.

Ceatec 2016: Sharp’s Robohon Can Now Double Up As A Waiter/tour Guide

CEATEC 2016: Sharp’s RoboHon Can Now Double Up As A Waiter/Tour GuideWhen Sharp unveiled the RoboHon, it was marketed as a cute little robot that could keep you company at home, and the ability to project images from its face, so it’s almost like you get to hang out with a friend and watch a movie. However it seems that this year Sharp has revealed that the RoboHon has potential for use in businesses as well.

Ceatec 2016: Sharp Unveils Igzo Display That’s Over 1,000ppi

CEATEC 2016: Sharp Unveils IGZO Display That’s Over 1,000ppiIf virtual reality to take off, there obviously needs to be some improvements made. There is still a lot of areas that VR could stand to improve upon, and one of those things would be the displays used. Obviously by having a higher resolution, it would allow for images to appear sharper, and thus more realistic.

Sharp In Negotiations With Apple For The 2017 Iphone’s Display

Sharp In Negotiations With Apple For The 2017 iPhone’s DisplayIt seems that it has been less than a month since the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have been released, but there is already a lot of talk and interest generated around the 2017 iPhone, which last we heard could be known as the iPhone 8. Now one of the rumors is that the iPhone 8 is expected to feature OLED displays, and it seems that Sharp is a potential supplier.

Cruz, Seager Back Sharp Iwakuma

Cruz, Seager back sharp IwakumaAsk the streaking Seattle Mariners what the primary catalyst for their success has been over the past few weeks, and they won’t say home runs or quality starting pitching.
They’ll say it’s fun.
Nelson Cruz and Kyle Seager homered to lead the Mariners past the Los Angeles Angels 2-1 on Wednesday night, extending their longest winning streak of the season to eight games.

Sharp Releases The Aquos Z2 Smartphone

Sharp Releases The Aquos Z2 SmartphoneThe Japanese company Sharp will soon release a new smartphone called Aquos Z2. The device will be on the Taiwanese market on August 25 and will be sold by a company known as Commtiva Technology, which represents Sharp in Taiwan.

Sharp Introduces The M1 Smartphone

Sharp Introduces The M1 SmartphoneSharp is not a popular name when it comes to smartphones but every once in a while the acclaimed Japanese company releases a handset. This is what has just happened – Sharp has described its new M1 smartphone.

Sharp Shows New Aquos Smartphone

Sharp Shows New Aquos SmartphoneSharp has introduced the mini SH-03H – a new smartphone that belongs to the company’s Aquos line. The device is smaller than a lot of smartphones, as its name suggests, but compensates this with some nice features.

Sharp To Release Solar-powered Charging Stand With Storage Batteries

Sharp to Release Solar-powered Charging Stand with Storage BatteriesSharp Corp announced June 27, 2016, that it will release a solar-powered charging stand for easily charging mobile phones and smartphones Aug 25, 2016.
A charging stand using a solar power generation system was installed in Tokyo in October 2015 for the first time in Japan (See related article). And the number of such stands is expected to increase. When installed at tourist sites and public and commercial facilities, they can meet tourists' and facility users' needs to charge their phones.

Sharp Refrigerator Cools Food Even During Power Failure

Sharp Refrigerator Cools Food Even During Power FailureSharp Corp will release a refrigerator that can keep cooling food even during a power failure.
The refrigerator is combined with either a solar power generation system or a storage battery. When its power plug is connected to a special power outlet, the storage battery automatically starts supplying electricity to the refrigerator about five seconds after a power failure occurs.

Sharp Tanaka, Yanks Cut Down A’s

Sharp Tanaka, Yanks cut down A’sWith his surgically repaired right elbow no longer throbbing in pain, Masahiro Tanaka is back to pitching the way the Yankees envisioned when they outbid several teams to lure him from Japan two years ago.