Sharp To Launch Dc-powered Air Conditioner In Mid-december

Sharp to Launch DC-powered Air Conditioner in mid-DecemberSharp Corp will release three models of an air conditioner that can be powered by direct-current (DC) electricity from a storage battery in mid-December 2015.
The company exhibited the air conditioner, "DC Hybrid Air Conditioner," at PVJapan 2015. DC electricity from a storage battery placed outdoors is supplied to the outdoor unit of the air conditioner without converting it to alternating-current (AC) electricity. As a result, a conversion loss of up to 5% can be eliminated.

Sharp To Provide Lcd Technologies To Indian Firm

Sharp to provide LCD technologies to Indian firmStruggling Sharp Corp. will form a business tie-up in India to provide technologies to mass-produce liquid crystal display panels, company sources said.
The Osaka-based electronics maker, which is in the process of restructuring its business operations, expects the new business collaboration with Sterlite Technologies Ltd. will generate more than 7 billion yen ($57 million) in commissions.

2015 Los Angeles Auto Show : Scion C-hr Concept Looks Sharp

2015 Los Angeles Auto Show : Scion C-HR Concept looks sharpThe Scion C-HR concept was shown off as a Toyota concept last year at the Paris Motor Show, and we've been told it will show up at next year's Geneva Motor Show in production form. In the transition from a Toyota to a US-focused Scion, though, it's been saddled with a regrettable piece of marketing-speak: the press release says the C-HR concept was designed for "yuccies." That's an acronym describing 'young, urban creatives,' and it should go away.

Video : Sharp Tea Cera Cold Beverages With Te-t56u

Video : Sharp Tea Cera Cold Beverages with TE-T56USharp Tea-Ceré makes enjoying delicious, authentic Japanese matcha easier. The traditional brewing process of this tea is very labor-intensive. Created in consultation with leading Japanese tea experts, Sharp Tea-Ceré preserves the traditional Japanese preparation process for authentic matcha but with none of the hassle.

Ceatec 2015 : Sharp Comirobo Robot

CEATEC 2015 : Sharp Comirobo RobotSharp Comirobo looks set to be another player in the home robot market, where it will probably be very good friends with the Bocco if they were actual personalities. Basically, you will be able to speak to the Comirobo, and if it hears a pre-designated phrase, the place where its “ears” are supposed to be will see the volume icon flash to indicate that it is listening.

Ceatec 2015 : Sharp Mirror Display For Shopping

CEATEC 2015 : Sharp Mirror Display For ShoppingSharp showed off their mirror display at CEATEC 2015. The mirror itself is broader than before, and it also seems to be a whole lot more clearer as opposed to what we saw a couple of years back.
This time around, the items shown on the mirror display were a wee bit more complicated than before – there were tiny patterns which were inspired by snowflakes dancing all over the screen, and each of these small motifs happen to feature a litany of colors, which makes them all the more attractive as opposed to the rather monotone presentation earlier on.

Ceatec 2015 : Sharp Transparent Display

CEATEC 2015 : Sharp Transparent DisplaySharp has called this development the transparent display, for obvious reasons.
The Sharp transparent display do not seem as though they are able to be too large in size, but one thing is for sure – it can completely block out whatever you would like to see behind the display, which means if such technology were to be advanced enough, it might even end up as some sort of camouflage blanket, especially if the bezels are thin enough.

Ceatec 2015 : Sharp Borderless Displays

CEATEC 2015 : Sharp Borderless DisplaysThese Borderless Displays from Sharp are meant to highlight their use in posh environments such as luxury goods stores, where the shiny new object on display needs a little bit more push before your eyes are enamored by what they see, while a polished video that has plenty of advertising thought behind it helps clinch the final deal, so to speak, making you go over the edge and reach for your wallet.

Sharp To Release Robot Smartphone Robohon

Sharp to release robot smartphone RoBoHoNSharp announced that they have developed a next-generation mobile phone. It's a robot-style phone named "RoBoHoN".
Sharp created it as a joint project with proud Japanese robot creator, Tomotaka Takahashi. His know-how about robotics and Sharp's mobile phone technology resulted in a 19.5cm-tall bipedal robot smartphone that you can bring in your pocket or bag anywhere you go.

Sharp Aquos Zeta Sh-01h 4g Lte-enabled Android 5.1 Smartphone

Sharp AQUOS ZETA SH-01H 4G LTE-Enabled Android 5.1 SmartphoneSharp has unveiled a new 4G LTE-enabled Android 5.1 smartphone to its range called the AQUOS ZETA SH-01H. As part of the NTT DoCoMo’s 2015 winter line-up, this waterproof and dustproof smartphone sports a 5.3-inch 1920 x 1080 Full HD IGZO display with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 protection, a hexa-core Snapdragon 808 (2x 1.8GHz ARM 57 + 4x 1.4GHz ARM A53) processor, an Adreno 430 GPU, a 3GB RAM and a 32GB of expandable internal storage (up to 200GB).