5 Arrested Amid Halloween Celebrations In Shibuya

5 arrested amid Halloween celebrations in Shibuya

Tokyo police arrested 5 people over the weekend for alleged assaults and other misdeeds in the run-up to Halloween on Wednesday. Police are calling on people gathering to celebrate the day to behave lawfully.

Many costumed revelers have been congregating since Saturday at the famous scramble crossing at Shibuya Station. Most are young adults, including some foreign tourists.

Euphoric Soccer Fans Clog Shibuya Intersection

Euphoric soccer fans clog Shibuya intersection

Jubilant soccer fans have overrun a famous intersection near Tokyo's Shibuya Station in reaction to Japan's advance to the knockout stage of the World Cup finals in Russia.

The progress to the last 16 prompted supporters wearing the blue uniforms of the national squad to swarm onto the scramble intersection and chant "Japan!"

Observatory Opens On Rooftop Of Shibuya 109 Fashion Building

Observatory opens on rooftop of Shibuya 109 fashion building

With the 109 Men's commercial complex's full facelift under way, the famed fashion building in Tokyo's Shibuya Ward has opened some of its newly renovated facilities.

One of the highlights, unveiled on April 28 to mark the "Day of Shibuya," is a rooftop observatory overlooking the iconic scramble crossing.

Amuro Namie Pop-up Store To Open At Shibuya 109

Amuro Namie pop-up store to open at Shibuya 109

Amuro Namie's pop-up store called 'namie amuro × SHIBUYA109 × TOWER RECORDS POP UP STORE' will open for a limited time from November 7th to the 19th at the iconic Shibuya 109 shopping mall.

The store will have the singer's CDs on sale and will also feature a panel of her all-time best album "Finally" (November 8 release) as well as an exhibition of her costumes. Furthermore, to commemorate the opening of the shop, there will be a discography exhibition located on the B1 floor of the mall. Amuro's songs will also be used throughout the mall as background music.

Shibuya: Always Changing, Always On The Go

SHIBUYA: Always changing, always on the go“OK, 7 o’clock. Moyai or Hachiko?” was the question that followed after deciding to meet someone in Shibuya.
My university students tell me that nowadays, people call or tap an app when they get to Shibuya and they work their way toward each other, smartphones in hand. Long gone are the days when train stations used to have a message board with chalk for people to write things like, “I waited one hour for you, but you didn’t come so I am going home now.” I wonder how many readers even know what I’m talking about.

Fashion Icon Shibuya Parco Shuts Down For 3-year Overhaul

Fashion icon Shibuya Parco shuts down for 3-year overhaulA shopping center that has acted as a trendsetter in Japan’s fashion capital for the past four decades closed its doors for a three-year overhaul of its aging structures.
Models, tenants and loyal customers were among around 500 people who joined a memorial parade to bid a brief farewell to Shibuya Parco in Tokyo on Aug. 7.

Shibuya, A Town Of Constant Change, Had Ropeway In The Early 1950s

Shibuya, a town of constant change, had ropeway in the early 1950sA ropeway exclusively for children opened in the Shibuya district of central Tokyo in 1951.
The cable car, named “Hibari-go,” could accommodate 12 kids and made round trips between what was then the Toyoko department store and the Tamaden building (current west building of the Tokyu department store chain’s Toyoko outlet). The distance between the two spots was 75 meters.

Scenes Of Tohoku Beauty Hover Over Crowds In Shibuya

Scenes of Tohoku beauty hover over crowds in ShibuyaIf the legions of pedestrians who battle through the jam-packed “scramble crossing” in Tokyo’s Shibuya district look up, they will see the charms of the Tohoku region promoted by young people.
A 30-second video on a gigantic screen at the intersection introduces culinary delicacies, traditional crafts and other delights from an area still recovering from the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, tsunami and Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Expo Brings High-tech Devices For The Disabled To Trendy Shibuya

Expo brings high-tech devices for the disabled to trendy ShibuyaA trade fair showcasing the coolest cutting-edge technology to assist people with disabilities got under way in Tokyo’s hip Shibuya district on Nov. 10.
Some of the high-tech hardware on display at the Super Welfare Expo include a device that assists speech and vision; a four-wheel drive electric wheelchair with increased mobility due to front wheels equipped with specially designed tires made up of 24 segments; and prosthetic arms that can be operated at will by sensing the user's myoelectricity.

Shibuya Flushes Away Stained Reputation Of Having Filthy Toilets

Shibuya flushes away stained reputation of having filthy toiletsWhere tourists once derided a restroom in the young people’s fashion district of Harajuku as "the world's dirtiest," today it has been cleaned up and transformed into the "Sushi Ninja Toilet."
The once-filthy toilet was “adopted” by Genco Inc., an anime production company based in Tokyo’s Minato Ward, and its Sushi Ninja character is now plastered on the exterior.

The Ice Cubes Tokyo : Shibuya-ku Architecture

The Ice Cubes Tokyo : Shibuya-ku ArchitectureDesign: Jun Mitsui&Associates Architects

Shibuya-ku Building

This project was commissioned by a Hong Kong-based developer for whom we previously designed two high-end retail projects (in Akasaka and Omotesando). The site constraints, including sky-openess factor (tenku-ritsu) and sun/shadow requirements were very restrictive.