Japanese Garden At Shimane Art Museum Ranked No. 1--again

Japanese garden at Shimane art museum ranked No. 1--again

YASUGI, Shimane Prefecture--The garden of an art museum here was rated as Japan's best for the 16th straight year by a popular U.S. gardening journal.

The Journal of Japanese Gardening, aka Sukiya Living Magazine, selected the Adachi Museum of Art's garden from among more than 900 around Japan in 2018, museum officials announced.

Four Men Found In Shimane To Return To N.korea

Four men found in Shimane to return to N.Korea

Police in Shimane Prefecture, western Japan, on Sunday transferred to immigration officials four men found in a wooden boat that drifted ashore. The men are expected to go through procedures to return to North Korea.

The boat was spotted on January 8th on the shore of the town of Okinoshima on an island in the Sea of Japan. Police took into protective custody the four crewmembers who appear to be in their teens through 30s.

Shimane Silver Mine To Open Danger Zone To Regain Luster

Shimane silver mine to open danger zone to regain luster

ODA, Shimane Prefecture--Deep in a mountain, where falling rocks and sheer drops are constant dangers, lies "the heart" of the former Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine.

This particular area produced the bulk of the silver that made the mine famous around the world centuries ago. And it is here where Oda government officials again hope to turn around the fortunes of the city.

Shimane Pref. Pushes Takeshima Sovereignty

Shimane Pref. pushes Takeshima sovereigntyLocal legislators in western Japan are urging the central government to do more to assert sovereignty over the Takeshima Islands in the Sea of Japan.

Members of the Shimane Prefectural assembly on Thursday passed a resolution on the islands. South Korea has controlled the territory since the early 1950s. But the Japanese government maintains the islands are under the jurisdiction of Shimane Prefecture.

Noda Hints At Ok For Nearly Completed Shimane Plant Reactor To Operate

Noda hints at OK for nearly completed Shimane plant reactor to operatePrime Minister Yoshihiko Noda suggested Wednesday approval may be given to operate the nearly completed No. 3 reactor of a nuclear power plant in Shimane Prefecture.

"It is possible to make a decision based on the progress of each" reactor, Noda told a parliament session, apparently referring to the No. 3 reactor at the Shimane plant of Chugoku Electric Power Co.

M4.6 Quake Jolts Hiroshima, Shimane

M4.6 quake jolts Hiroshima, ShimaneAn earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 4.6 rocked northern parts of Hiroshima as well as western parts of Shimane prefectures early Friday morning, the Japan Meteorological Agency said.

Chugoku El 3 Reactors Checking

Chugoku El 3 reactors checkingChugoku Electric Power Co. said Wednesday it began safety checks on all three of its nuclear reactors in Shimane Prefecture so as to gain government approval for their operation.

Dpj Lawmakers At Takeshima Day

Takeshima Day Two lawmakers of the ruling Democratic Party of Japan attended the Shimane prefectural government’s contentious ceremony Tuesday to promote Japan’s claim to a group of South Korean-controlled islets for the first time from the party.

The sixth ceremony to commemorate ‘‘Takeshima Day’’ saw a record-high 13 parliamentarians in total among some 500 participants, but has had no central government official attending since its 2006 start .

Shimane Region

ShimaneShimane used to be Japan's leading cultural center. Full of must-see spots including national parks and cultural monuments.
Shimane is situated on the western tip of Honshu Island (the main island of Japan), and faces the Korean Peninsula over the Sea of Japan. Trade with the continent and China thrived in olden times, and this region was once the leading edge of culture.