Nikon D5300 Is The Company's First Dslr With Built-in Wifi, Ships This Month For $800

Nikon D5300 is the company's first DSLR with built-in WiFi, ships this month for $800Today, Nikon Inc. announced the latest addition to its legendary digital SLR lineup, the Nikon D5300. Offering the benefits of SLR performance with the versatility of wireless connectivity, the D5300 allows users to easily capture and share amazing images and videos. Though compact and lightweight, the Nikon D5300 packs an enhanced 24.2-megapixel DX-format CMOS sensor, EXPEED 4 image processing and the convenience of built-in Wi-Fi1. Users now have the power to take both frame-worthy and share-worthy photos and HD videos with one device no matter where they are.

Fujitsu Ships More Than 2 Million Washable Rfid Tags In The First Quarter Of 2013

Fujitsu Ships More Than 2 Million Washable RFID Tags in the First Quarter of 2013Fujitsu , a leader in innovative technology and front-end solutions, and its parent company Fujitsu Frontech Limited, today announced that it has shipped more than 2 million of its WT-A521/A522 RFID tags in the first quarter of 2013. Sales of the popular washable tag have been so robust that Fujitsu has doubled the production capacity at their manufacturing facility in Japan.

Mitsubishi Motors Ships Russian-produced All-new Outlander Suv

2013 Mitsubishi OutlanderMitsubishi Motors announced that it has commenced shipment of the all-new Outlander SUV assembled at PCMA Rus .

The all-new Outlander was first released to the Russian market in July of last year, being exported from Japan. The model has already been a great hit in Russia, and it is expected that the local production that will be available at PCMA Rus will enable MMC to more efficiently bring new Outlanders to a rapidly growing customer base.

New Windows 8 Sony Vaio Line Ships: Can I Haz That?

New Windows 8 Sony VAIO Line Ships: Can I Haz That?To celebrate Sony’s new Windows 8 VAIO line hitting shelves today, we thought we’d ask a few of our furry friends to test out the new goods. You may have noticed a natural bond between these four-legged superstars and our Sony gear; we noticed it too and thought what better day than today to give some of our most loyal Sony pet ambassadors a shout out with the announcement of the new Windows 8 VAIO products shipping today.

Hybrid Ships To Take Japan's Hybrid Cars To The World

Hybrid ships to take Japan's hybrid cars to the worldEven the vessels shipping Japanese cars around the world are now becoming hybrids.

The Emerald Ace, a 60,200-ton car carrier that combines solar power panels with a diesel engine, was shown to the media on June 25 at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.'s Kobe Shipyard and Machinery Works.

A ceremony to mark the official completion of construction is set for June 29.

Anti-piracy Curtain To Deter Pirates From Attacking Ships

Anti-piracy curtain to deter pirates from attacking shipsIn an effort to deter pirates from attacking ships, the Anti-Piracy Curtain has been developed by MTI in the NYK Group, and Yokoi, a manufacturer of fire hoses.

The system consists of two elements, the first sprays water from high-volume nozzles, which hinder the pirates from boarding the ship, as well as filling up the pirate's vessels with water, and the second are hoses which whip around violently, with the purpose of intimidating pirates from a distance.

Mitsubishi Ships First Fleet Evs To Google And Igo Car-sharing Service

Mitsubishi ships first fleet EVs to Google and IGO car-sharing serviceMitsubishi has delivered the first fleet vehicle orders of the environmentally-friendly and affordably-priced 100% electric-powered 2012 Mitsubishi i to search engine giant Google and car sharing service IGO CarSharing.

 MMNA and Capitol Mitsubishi of San Jose, California, delivered the high-tech yet fun-to-drive 2012 Mitsubishi i electric vehicles to Google's corporate headquarters on Wednesday, February 29, at the Google Solar Carport. The Mitsubishi i EVs add to GFleet, the company's employee car-sharing fleet that consists entirely of plug-in vehicles.

Toshiba Ships 55-inch Glasses-free 3d Tv

Toshiba ships 55-inch glasses-free 3D TVToshiba just announced that it has started commercial shipments of its newest 55-inch glasses-free 3D TV. The new monster TV set will be available for a price of around 10 000 USD.

The new 55-inch TV comes with 3D technology that follows your face and adjusts its 3D image accordingly, making sure that you always see the best picture available wherever you may be sitting or standing.