Panasonic's Shoe Deodorizer Will Solve Your Smelly Shoe Problem

Panasonic's Shoe Deodorizer Will Solve Your Smelly Shoe Problem

If you’re particularly concerned about smelly feet or the odor that your shoes leave behind once you take them off, Panasonic has a new gadget that will help make your life easier. The company today announced a new device that it’s calling a “shoe deodorizer.” The Panasonic MS-DS100 features “nanoe X” which generates 10 times more hydroxyl (OH) radicals than “nanoe” in order remove shoe odors.

It works once it’s plugged in and the bottom nodes are placed into the shoes that need their odor removed. It then eliminates odors by basically bombarding the shoes with highly charged ions which penetrate through the material and dissolve particles to eliminate the bad smells.

Tracker Shoe Monitors, Keeps Tabs On Dementia Patients

Tracker shoe monitors, keeps tabs on dementia patients

A Tokyo company is hoping its special shoes with an embedded tracker are the perfect fit for families who have loved ones with dementia.

Achilles Corp., known for its shoes and plastic products, based in Tokyo's Shinjuku Ward, created the special footwear for dementia patients who may wander off. They will help families or caregivers to keep track of and locate the patients at all times.

Honda Team Up To Create Exclusive Ht3 Driving Shoe

Honda Team Up to Create Exclusive HT3 Driving ShoeThrillist, JackThreads and Honda have collaborated on an exclusive limited edition HT3 Driving Shoe (MSRP: $100) that goes on sale today, available exclusively on The sneaker is inspired by the dramatically redesigned, all-new 2016 Honda Civic, and pays tribute to the three core aspects of Honda design that influenced its sporty and dynamic styling – high touch, high tension and high tech.

Suction Mat Cleans Shoe Soles

Suction Mat Cleans Shoe SolesA suction mat developed by Paionia Furyokuki removes dirt from the soles of shoes. All the user needs to do is stand on the mat.

"So far, mats have often been rented to users, and if they get dirty, the user replaces or cleans them. But with our product, the mat itself suctions dirt, so the mat is always clean. This mat has an unusual concept, as the mat itself stops dirt from being carried into a building, by cleaning people's shoes."

Japan Inspires Gaga's Shoe Designer

Japan inspires Gaga's shoe designerA Japanese shoe designer has become a pop diva's favorite by taking geisha and making it Gaga.

Noritaka Tatehana is the man behind Lady Gaga's towering, cloglike shoes, which have no heel and are 25 to 46 centimeters (10 to 18 inches) tall. Her appearances on TV shows and music videos, teetering in his creations, have helped make him such a fashion star that some of his shoes sell for more than $15,000 (\1.2 million) a pair.