Mazda Patent Shows Rotary Placement In Complex Awd Hybrid Layout

Mazda patent shows rotary placement in complex AWD hybrid layout

If we were playing alt-powertrain Bingo, a recent Mazda patent application filed in Japan would be one or two letters from victory. What's exciting about the patent, discovered by Japanese outlet T's Media via Motor Trend, is that while it makes a case for an internal combustion engine of any configuration, one of the drawings showing a rotary engine. The wild bit is that the whole powertrain comprises the ICE, a transaxle, two tiny in-wheel electric motors turning the front wheels, a third electric motor in the driveline, a capacitor, a lithium-ion battery, and three inverters. Motor Trend parsed the mechanics, and the way it reads, Doc Brown couldn't have done a better job.

The rotary engine at the front turns the rear wheels, but not directly. Instead of a flywheel on back of the engine, the drawing shows a 25-kW electric motor and an inverter, then a driveshaft running to the transaxle. Along the axis of the transmission tunnel in a normal car, between the inverter and the transaxle, lies a 3.5-kWh battery running at 48 volts. MT writes that the electric motor can add its output to the ICE output to drive the rear wheels, or the e-motor can turn the rear axle on its own.

Ariyasu Momoka's Pv For 'sakura Tone' Shows The Backside Of Recording

Ariyasu Momoka's PV for 'Sakura Tone' shows the backside of recording

The PV for Ariyasu Momoka's new song "Sakura Tone" has been uploaded onto YouTube.

"Sakura Tone" was released digitally on March 4 as Ariyasu's first single after resuming her activities. The PV is comprised of scenes of the singer in the recording studio, so you can see her contemplating over the lyrics and also happily singing.

Nightmare To Hold Live Tour Consisting Of 13 Shows

NIGHTMARE to hold live tour consisting of 13 shows

NIGHTMARE will hold a live tour called 'NIGHTMARE TOUR 2020' from May to July.

After a three year hiatus, NIGHTMARE resumed their activities on February 11 with a concert at Yokohama Arena. For their upcoming tour, they are scheduled to hold a total of 13 shows. Ticket pre-reservations will be available via the band's official fan club, mobile site, and official website until February 25.

Japan Poll Shows Reluctance To Accept Refugees

Japan poll shows reluctance to accept refugees

A Japanese government survey shows that more than half of the respondents think the country accepts only a limited number of refugees. But only around a quarter want a more welcoming approach.

The Cabinet Office conducted its first survey on the country's immigration policy in November of last year, covering 3,000 people aged 18 or older. 1,572 people responded.

Sapporo Shows Interest In Hosting 2030 Olympics

Sapporo shows interest in hosting 2030 Olympics

The northern Japanese city of Sapporo has formally expressed its interest in hosting the 2030 Winter Olympics and Paralympics.

The city conveyed its interest to the Japanese Olympic Committee in a formal document on Friday. In November, the city orally informed the committee that it wants to host the 2030 Games.

Golden Bomber's 2020 Tour To Host 38 Shows

Golden Bomber's 2020 tour to host 38 shows

Golden Bomber will embark on a nationwide tour from next spring. 

The upcoming tour will kick off on March 5 at Chufu no Mori Geijutsu Gekijou (Tokyo) and wrap up on July 22 at Pia Arena MM (Kanagawa) for a total of 38 shows at 29 venues. 

Nissan Shows Dealers Imx-inspired Ev Crossover For U.s.

Nissan shows dealers IMx-inspired EV crossover for U.S.

The next phase of Nissan's EV plans for the U.S. are finally taking shape, although we're not yet privy to the exact contours of those plans. Automotive News reports that the Japanese carmaker previewed a compact EV crossover for U.S. dealers last month, expected to be the production version of the IMx concept shown at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, and perhaps with a touch of the chunkier IMx Kuro concept thrown in. According to dealers at the preview, the crossover will be roughly the size of a Rogue with the cabin space of the larger Murano, seat five, dash to 60 miles per hour in fewer than five seconds and run for 300 miles on a charge. Built on a new, dedicated platform, the people hauler will be one of eight new all-electric models to be launched globally over the coming years, but it isn't expected here until late 2021.  AN claimed the production vehicle's look are only "loosely based" on the IMx concept, with one change being a shorter hood on the retail model. The powertrain will undoubtedly come in for revision as well, the IMx concept's twin-motor system putting out 429 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque, turning both axles on the way to a 373-mile range. Even with advances in battery tech, those figures would likely put the crossover beyond the mainstream pricing Nissan would target. The carmaker didn't reveal battery capacity at the dealer meeting, but AN estimates a pack with as much as 85 kWh.  The tech suite sounds closer to the IMx, though. The previewed crossover took the same minimalist approach as Tesla and Porsche, a dealer telling AN the only visible button on the instrument panel is "a pulsating start button." A high-res digital instrument cluster lights up when that button is pushed. If Nissan can get the high-res, 3D, centimeter-scale digital maps it needs in time for production, the next-generation ProPilot should feature. That could bring hands-free highway driving from on-ramp to off-ramp, the ability to pass cars without driver input, and the ability to take directions from the navigation system.     A production concept could make an appearance at next month's Tokyo Motor Show. If that happens, the Nissan will join possible production previews of the Mazda Vision Coupe, next-gen Subaru BRZ/Toyota 86, Acura NSX Type R, and Honda EV Sports concept as must-see cars. 

Footage Shows Oil Spillng From Factory In Saga

Footage shows oil spillng from factory in Saga

Video footage taken by a Ground Self-Defense Force helicopter shows a huge amount of what appears to be oil spilling out of an ironworks factory in Saga Prefecture, western Japan.

The aerial footage taken at around noon on Wednesday shows roads near the factory flooded with dirty water and a pool of black liquid in parts of the factory in Omachi Town.