Morning Musume.'18 To Release Double A-side Single In October

Morning Musume.'18 to release double A-side single in October

Morning Musume.'18 will release a new single, titled "Furari Ginza / Jiyuu na Kuni Dakara," on October 24. 

Both title tracks were written by Tsunku. Meanwhile, the coupling track "Y Jiro no Tochuu" was written by Ohashi Riko. Limited Edition A will come with a DVD containing the PV for "Furari Ginza," while the Limited Edition B DVD will contain the PV for "Jiyuu na Kuni Dakara." In addition, the Limited Edition SP DVD will include the making footage for the two videos. 

Exile Atsushi & Band To Release A Double A-side Single In November

EXILE ATSUSHI & band to release a double A-side single in November

EXILE ATSUSHI and his band RED DIAMOND DOGS will release a new single, "Suddenly / RED SOUL BLUE DRAGON," on November 28. 

For "Suddenly," ATSUSHI sings about an adult's lost love, while "RED SOUL BLUE DRAGON" was written at the time baseball player Matsuzawa Daisuke, who is ATSUSHI's  old friend, transferred to Chunichi Dragons. Besides these two, it will come with "Memory Rain" and another song as the coupling tracks. 

Kim Asks Us To Keep To Its Side Of Nuclear Talks

Kim asks US to keep to its side of nuclear talks

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is calling on the United States to keep its side of the nuclear agreement reached at a US-North summit in June.

China's state-run broadcaster CCTV reported that Kim made the remark when he met with third-highest-ranking Chinese government official, Li Zhanshu, on Sunday.
Li was visiting Pyongyang to attend the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the North's foundation.

Yonezu Kenshi To Release Double A-side Single In October

Yonezu Kenshi to release double A-side single in October

Yonezu Kenshi will release a double A-side single titled "Flamingo / TEENAGE RIOT" on October 31. 

Besides the two title tracks, it will include another song called "Gommen ne." The single will come in two Limited Editions (Flamingo Version & Teenage Version) and Regular Edition. In addition to the CD, the Flamingo Version will come with a DVD and a smart phone ring, while the Teenage Version will enclose a dice.

Kana-boon To Release A B-side Album

KANA-BOON to release a B-side album

As a part of their five-year debut anniversary project, KANA-BOON will release a second B-side album titled "KBB vol.2" on September 19. 

This album will include 11 coupling tracks from all 12 of their singles that were not included in their first B-side album "KBB vol.1" released earlier in March. It will also contain a new song called "Yoru no Madobe kara," and a re-recording of "Jousha Hissui no Kotowari, Okotowari" produced by Kameda Seiji. 

Angerme Announce Triple A-side Single & Release Events

ANGERME announce triple A-side single & release events

ANGERME have announced that they will release a triple A-side single titled "Nakenaize... Kyokan Sagi / Uraha=Lover / Kimidake Janai sa... friends (2018 Acoustic Ver.)" on May 9. 

The single will be released in seven different types: Limited Editions A ~ C, Limited Edition SP, and Regular Editions A ~ C. Limited Edition SP will enclose a serial number for a lottery to participate in they event to be held on June 10 in Kanagawa Prefecture. Additional details will be revealed at a later date. 

Chemistry To Release Double A-side Single In June

CHEMISTRY to release double A-side single in June

CHEMISTRY have announced that they will release a new single titled "Heaven Only Knows / 13-kagetsu" on June 20. 

This announcement was made on March 7 during the finale of the duo's nationwide tour "CHEMISTRY LIVE TOUR 2017-18: Windy" at Bunkamura Orchard Hall. The upcoming release is their second single since resuming their activities last year. 

Breakerz Reveal Artwork For New Double A-side Single

BREAKERZ reveal artwork for new double A-side single

BREAKERZ have revealed the artwork for their new single "D×D×D / GREAT AMBITIOUS -Single Version-" that will drop in stores on March 7. 

Because this is a double A-side single, the band has revealed two different artwork patterns. In the visuals for "D×D×D," which is the opening theme for "Damepri ANIME CARAVAN," the members transformed into characters from the anime. You can see guitarist SHINPEI without his trademark sunglasses for the very first time. 

Breakerz To Release A Double A-side Single

BREAKERZ to release a double A-side single

BREAKERZ will release a double A-side single titled "D×D×D / GREAT AMBITIOUS -Single Version-" on March 7. 

This was announced on December 30 during the band's concert at EX THEATER ROPPONGI in Tokyo. "D×D×D" was written as the opening theme for TV anime "Damepri ANIME CARAVAN," while "GREAT AMBITIOUS -Single Version-" is a new arrangement of "GREAT AMBITIOUS," a track that was included in the band's album "X" released back in October. The single will be released in Limited Editions A & B, Regular Edition, and DAME×PRINCE Edition. Limited Edition A DVD will include the music video for "D×D×D" and B DVD will include the video for "GREAT AMBITIOUS - Single Version-."

New Toyota Supra Shows Up In Side Profile Renderings - Yay Or Nay?

New Toyota Supra Shows Up In Side Profile Renderings - Yay Or Nay?

Toyota has yet to settle on a name for its impending sports car co-developed with BMW, but one thing that appears to be finalized is the vehicle’s design.

As recent spy shots have shown, the new Supra will essentially be a tamed version of the eye-catching Toyota FT-1 Concept from a few years ago. From the front, this should result in an aggressive stance and large intakes, potentially similar to what some renderings have depicted.

Tokyo Station--dutch Side Gets A Facelift, And Unusual Ramen

Lisa's In and Around Tokyo: TOKYO STATION--Dutch side gets a facelift, and unusual ramen

When I first encountered the kanji "yae," I couldn't fathom what "eight heavies" could mean. Then it dawned on me that it means eightfold, like the cherry blossom. How poetic!

Oh, and my favorite karaoke song, "Midare Gami" by Hibari Misora, uses the kanji in a touching, heartfelt way: "In the spring my obi goes around my body twice, but in the autumn thrice." No metabolic syndrome here.

Toyota Uses Side Airbag With 3-bag Structure For New 'camry'

Toyota Uses Side Airbag With 3-bag Structure for New 'Camry'

Toyota Motor Corp employed a side airbag having a three-bag structure for the new "Camry" mid-size sedan.

Toyota developed the side airbag in cooperation with Toyoda Gosei Co Ltd. The new Camry was released July 10, 2017. The previous product has a two-bag structure using bags for protecting the chest and waist of a passenger.