Custom Wheels Help This Lexus Rx Transition To The Dark Side

Custom Wheels Help This Lexus RX Transition To The Dark Side

While the Lexus RX won't not be the foremost SUV you consider while imagining something dull and undermining, this particular model seems to draw it off rather well.

actually, it kind of helps us to recollect the trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight, where we find the opportunity to see a heap of dim Lexus RX models being utilized by the organization in the midst of a movement sequence.

Dark Side Of The Light

Dark Side of the LightKohei (Shugo Oshinari) is an ordinary salaryman. One day, Kohei and his friend Takumi take part in matchmaking meeting. There, Kohei meets beautiful Tomomi (Megumi Hatachiya). Kohei and Tomomi get close and they soon marry. At first they are a happy couple, but their relationship deteriorates.

Braised Cabbage, The Simple Side Dish That Makes For Repeat Eating

Braised cabbage, the simple side dish that makes for repeat eatingAt the ripe age of 91, Yoshiko Tatsumi is active as a cooking specialist, still putting to good use the training she received from her mother, Hamako Tatsumi, the cooking expert.
Tatsumi is also a social activist with a focus on food. To promote self-sufficiency through food, she launched the “Planting of 100 soybean seeds movement,” where children grow and harvest soybeans.

Casio Serves Up Calculators With A Side Of Pi

Casio Serves Up Calculators With A Side of PIPi, the never-ending number beginning with 3.14, is commemorated annually in many classrooms around the world on March 14, otherwise known as Pi Day. Casio America, Inc.(Opens a new window) is encouraging students and educators alike to celebrate with the help of its extensive portfolio of scientific and graphing calculators which are designed to help students understand and embrace mathematical concepts such as Pi among others.

Video : Subaru Driver Flipping Over The Side Of A Mountain

Video : Subaru Driver Flipping Over The Side Of A MountainTwisty mountain roads can be an exciting prospect for any driving enthusiast, but make no mistake; they can be as dangerous or even deadly as they are fun.
Fortunately for this lad in the Subaru Forester, the accident that occurred in the picturesque Angeles Crest Highway over the San Gabriel Mountains in California last year, resulted only in damages to the car – and quite possibly, to his pants.

Robots Toiling Side By Side With Humans

Robots toiling side by side with humansRobots of all shapes and sizes were showing off their dexterity and prowess in working alongside humans at a trade show in Tokyo on Dec. 2.
The biennial International Robot Exhibition kicked off at the Tokyo Big Sight convention center, with manufacturers displaying robots that can work with human workers on assembly lines and elsewhere, often tackling the most grueling tasks.

Honda Recalls 304k Accords Because Faulty Side Airbag

Honda AccordHonda is recalling 303,904 US examples of the 2008-2009 Accord because the side airbags or curtains can inadvertently deploy. The automaker said the problem is not related to Takata's airbag problem or any other supplier. Instead, the issue concerns the software's deployment threshold for side impacts.

Okayama Jeans Maker Offers Uncomfortable Jean That Will Stand By Your Side

Okayama jeans maker offers uncomfortable jean that will stand by your sideFor the ultimate in designer jeans that won't wear out, Big John Corp. is offering a new men's jean that is so thick and hard that it can stand on its own.
However, for those wanting the ultimate in comfort be warned: wearing a pair may cause chafing.
“Bleeding might occur as a result of the jeans rubbing against a wearer’s skin,” said an official of Big John, headquartered in Kurashiki, which developed the pants.