Subaru Sti Side Under Spoiler For Brz

Subaru STI Side Under Spoiler for BRZAn aerodynamic part called “Side Under Spoiler” was launched by Subaru Tecnica International (STI) for the new Subaru BRZ. By trying to flow the air backward into the underside of the vehicle body, the “Side Under Spoiler” helps rectify the air flowing through the body from the front side and improve driving stability. The “Under Spoiler” is priced at 68,250 yen (US$ 868).

Two Classic Potato Side Dishes

Two classic potato side dishesThis week, we offer potatoes, those reliable and useful side-dish ingredients. "The 'danshaku' (baron) brand of potato turns flaky and soft when cooked, while the 'May queen' brand retains moisture and shape. It's good to know their characteristics and then choose which you prefer," says cooking expert Masayo Waki, introducing mashed and sauteed versions.

Lexus To Promote Sporty Side In New Marketing Push

SEMA 2012 : 2013 Lexus GS 350 F Sport SuperchargedIt’s no secret that Lexus has been evolving its sporty side as of late, and now the Japanese luxury brand wants to drive the message home with a new marketing push that will draw attention to the performance capabilities of its cars.

The Other Side Of Beauty: Ugly Festival To Open In Osaka

The other side of beauty: Ugly Festival to open in OsakaSometimes, in order to appreciate the beauty of something, you have to tear it apart.

At least that's the message the art event "Busaiku 100-nin Matsuri," or "festival of 100 ugly people," attempts to convey.

The event is set to take place on May 26 in Osaka's Naniwa Ward, as part of the 100th anniversary of the creation of the Shinsekai neighborhood and the construction of the area's trademark, the Tsutenkaku Tower.

Fried Ankake Tofu A Delicious Side Dish

Fried ankake tofu a delicious side dish"Ankake" is a dish where a thick sauce, called "an," is poured over various ingredients. Together the sauce and ingredients create a rich flavor.

"Ideally, the sauce should be smooth with a certain firmness," says Japanese cuisine expert Tatsuo Saito, who here offers a recipe for "agedashi-dofu," or deep-fried tofu.

An sauce also goes well with warm, fresh "yuba" (soy milk skin), boiled Chinese cabbage and pork or "tamagoyaki" (rolled omelet).

Soccer: Kawashima To Leave Belgian Side Lierse

Soccer: Kawashima to leave Belgian side LierseJapan goalkeeper Eiji Kawashima said Saturday he will not re-sign a contract with Belgian side Lierse SK for next season.

''This is the end to one of the chapters in my career,'' Kawashima said after a 2-1 loss at home to OH Leuven in the last game of the playoffs for teams placed between seventh and 14th.