Okazaki Taiiku Sings In A White Room In Pv For 'karada'

Okazaki Taiiku sings in a white room in PV for 'Karada'

The PV for Okazaki Taiiku's new song "Karada" has been uploaded onto YouTube. 

"Karada" can be found in the singer's latest album "SAITAMA", which was released on January 9. In the PV, Okazaki can be seen singing in a white room as well as playing the bass and drums.

Greeeen Sings New Cm Song For Au's Santaro Series

GReeeeN sings new CM song for au's Santaro series

It's been announced that GReeeeN is singing the CM song for au's latest 'Santaro' series that started airing on New Year's Day. 

The CM stars Matsuda Shota, Suda Masaki, Arimura Kasumi, Nanao, Kawaei Rina, Kamiki Ryunosuke, Matsumoto Honoka, and Nakagawa Taishi. GReeeeN's new song "Issho ni Yukou" is an arrangement of the baseball anthem "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" and Bach's "Jesus bleibet meine Freude." It will be digitally released on Utapass on January 9, and its music video will be revealed via au's website.

Kimura Kaela Sings A Cappella In Cm For Umeshu

Kimura Kaela sings a cappella in CM for umeshu

Kimura Kaela stars in the new CM for Choya's 'Sararitoshita Umeshu.'

In the CM, Kimura wears a kimono and sings an a cappella of the CM song. The singer came up with the idea for her kimono, hair ornament, and hair color. She commented, "I never get a chance to film with a 'Japanese taste,' so I enjoyed myself."

Japan Has A J-pop Band That Sings About Cryptocurrency

Japan Has A J-Pop Band That Sings About Cryptocurrency

Things like bitcoin, cryptocurrency (in which bitcoin is one of them), and blockchain are technological terms that seem to be a pretty hot topic these days, leading to some surprising announcements in which companies like Kodak are even getting in on. However it seems that the trend has expanded beyond technology and into the music scene.

Over in Japan, a new J-pop (Japanese pop) band has been formed called Kasotsuka Shojo. According to the report from Quartz, the translation of the band's name basically stands for "Virtual Currency Girls", and that's pretty much the theme of the band in which they sing songs based around cryptocurrency.

Akanishi Jin Sings 'fill Me Up' In New Pv

Akanishi Jin sings 'Fill Me Up' in new PV

Akanishi Jin has uploaded the PV for his new song "Fill Me Up" onto his official YouTube channel. 

"Fill Me Up" is the lead track off of Akanishi's new album "Blessed" that's slated for release on December 12. The PV was entirely produced by Akanishi himself, and it puzzles together scenes of different situations.

Pizzicato Five's Maki Nomiya Sings Anthem For Shibuya's Future

Pizzicato Five's Maki Nomiya sings anthem for Shibuya's future

Former Pizzicato Five singer Maki Nomiya provides the vocals for a music video to promote Shibuya, the area of Tokyo that her band became synonymous with in the 1990s.

The Shibuya Ward government has started streaming a music video for the song, "Yume Miru Shibuya: You Make Shibuya," a mission statement for the district's future.

Miwa Sings The Theme Song For The Anime “flying Witch”

miwa Sings the Theme Song for the Anime “Flying Witch”miwa will be performing the theme song for the anime adaptation of "Flying Witch”. Titled "Shanranran feat. 96 Neko", the song will be the used as the anime’s opening theme. Singer 96 Neko (pronounced as "kuro neko"), who rose to fame by posting videos of cover songs on Nico Nico Douga and YouTube, also participated in the song.

Hirose Suzu Sings Along To Akb48 & Shoujo Jidai At Karaoke

Hirose Suzu sings along to AKB48 & Shoujo Jidai at karaokeActress Hirose Suzu attended the opening ceremony and CM presentation for Cocoon City opening in Saitama this Friday.
During the event, Hirose revealed that she goes to sing karaoke by herself, "I dance as if I'm insane. I dance quite seriously." She apparently has a set list ready when she goes singing. "I love AKB48. I also sing Shoujo Jidai and B'z," she shared.

Iwasa Misaki Sings About Her 'first Drink' And Covers 'let It Go' For 4th Single

Iwasa Misaki sings about her 'first drink' and covers 'Let It Go' for 4th singleIwasa Misaki will release her 4th single "Hatsuzake" ("First Drink") on April 29.
This comes about a year and 3 months after she released "Tomonoura Bojou" in January of last year. Like her previous singles, the title track was written by Akimoto Yasushi, and it has the theme of "first drink" as Iwasa celebrated her 20th birthday in January. Regarding the song, Iwasa commented, "This will be my first song after turning 20-years-old, so 'Hatsuzake' is the perfect title! The melody is different from my previous songs, so I think you will be able to experience a new side of me."

Adam Levine Sings "sugar" In A Nissan Gt-r

Adam Levine sings "Sugar" in a Nissan GT-REarlier this month, Nissan North America, Inc. announced its new partnership with Adam Levine, lead singer of Maroon 5 and coach on NBC's Emmy Award winning "The Voice." The partnership marks an expansion of the automaker's existing multi-season sponsorship of "The Voice." New program elements include a series of on-air vignettes featuring Adam Levine and several season seven contestants in video segments.