Sumo: Hakuho To Sit Out Next Tournament

Sumo: Hakuho to sit out next tournament

In Japan's sumo, yokozuna grand champion Hakuho will sit out the next competition because of injury.

The third of the year's six grand sumo tournaments will open in Tokyo on Sunday.

Wearable Chair Lets Surgeons Sit During Long Surgeries

Wearable Chair Lets Surgeons Sit During Long SurgeriesThere are many jobs that require us to sit at our desk for long hours, and since it’s not particularly healthy to keep sitting for long hours, many have discovered alternatives so that we go about our jobs but also care about our health. For example, someone with a desk job can go for a standing desk, this allows them to get their work done without having to sit for too long.

Soccer: Injured Kagawa To Sit Out Brazil Friendly

Soccer: Injured Kagawa to sit out Brazil friendlyShinji Kagawa will not travel to Singapore for Japan's friendly against Brazil after showing symptoms of a concussion, the Japan Football Association said following Friday's 1-0 win over Jamaica.