Ske48's Obata Yuna To Graduate

SKE48's Obata Yuna to graduate

SKE48 Team KII member Obata Yuna has announced her graduation from the group. 

Obata made the big announcement on February 12 during Team KII's performance. Her last day of activities will be March 31, and her last handshake event will be on April 6 for their latest single "Stand by you" at MetLife Dome in Saitama. On her Twitter account, she stated, "I will enjoy my last days as an idol! Please continue to support idol Obata Yuna until the very end."

Ske48's Okada Miku To Go On Hiatus Due To Corneal Ulcer

SKE48's Okada Miku to go on hiatus due to corneal ulcer

It's been announced that SKE48 member Okada Miku will be taking a break from her activities after being diagnosed with corneal ulcer. 

Okada visited the hospital the other day after feeling pain in her eye. After an examination, the doctor found that it was corneal ulcer and instructed Okada to take a break and rest. 

Details On Ske48's New Single 'stand By You' Revealed

Details on SKE48's new single 'Stand by you' revealed

The details on SKE48's new single "Stand by you" (December 12 release) have been revealed. 

This single is said to be Matsui Jurina's comeback single after going on a two-month break due to her poor health. She will serve as the center with hopes to kick off the group's 11th anniversary year with a bang. The single will be released in Limited Editions A ~ D, Regular Editions A ~ D, and a Theater Edition. 

Ske48's Yahagi Yukina To Graduate

SKE48's Yahagi Yukina to graduate

SKE48 Team KII member Yahagi Yukina has announced that she will graduate from the group on October 31. 

The announcement was made on the group's official website. She had been troubled trying to manage both her idol activities and school work. She explained, "I started to doubt my significance by appearing only at handshake events and concerts. I felt bad for the members and fans, and I also felt that I've reached my limit, both physically and mentally, from the busyness of managing the two."

Ske48's Matsumura Kaori To Graduate From The Group

SKE48's Matsumura Kaori to graduate from the group

SKE48 member Matsumura Kaori has announced her graduation from the group. 

Matsumura made the announcement on September 15 during the event 'SKE48 Request Hour Set List Best 100 2018 ~Member wa Kazudake Shinkyoku wa Aru~' at Nagoya Nagoya Congress Center. She explained, "It's been 8 years since I've joined SKE. I really don't want to graduate from this wonderful group. But these past 2 or 3 years, I've been carrying out my activities while thinking about graduation. Right now, I'm just in SKE48 because it's fun [not like my juniors who have goals]. I didn't think that I could grow personally, so I decided to graduate.

Ske48's Matsui Jurina To Go On Temporary Hiatus

SKE48's Matsui Jurina to go on temporary hiatus

It's been announced that SKE48 member Matsui Jurina will go on temporary hiatus to focus on recuperating from poor health. 

As you may know, Matsui placed first in the 'AKB48 53rd Single World General Election' held last month. SKE48's official website explained, "Since before, she had continued to be in poor health and had been absent for a part of her activities, but at this time, she will be taking a break from SKE48 and 48 group activities in order to focus on recuperating.

Ske48's Furuhata Nao Clears Suspicions Of Going On A Disneyland Date

SKE48's Furuhata Nao clears suspicions of going on a Disneyland date

SKE48's Furuhata Nao updated her Twitter to clear suspicions of going on a Disneyland date. 

On June 7, photos and videos of Furuhata on a date at Disneyland was spread online. With the '10th AKB48 General Elections' coming up (June 16), criticism flooded in from the fans. However, Furuhata revealed that she went to Disneyland with one of her girlfriends and not a man. 

Ske48's Goto Rara To Go On Temporary Hiatus

SKE48's Goto Rara to go on temporary hiatus

SKE48 Team E member Goto Rara will be going on a temporary hiatus. 

Goto made the announcement on April 29 during a handshake event for their single "Muishiki no Iro" at Port Messe in Aichi. She made the decision to halt her activities temporarily in order to get into her desired university. On her Twitter account (@lalagoto0723), she wrote, "I want to devote myself to studying. Please welcome me back warmly when I return."

Former Ske48's Kinoshita Yukiko Announces Marriage & Pregnancy

Former SKE48's Kinoshita Yukiko announces marriage & pregnancy

Former SKE48 member and model Kinoshita Yukiko (24) have announced her marriage and pregnancy via Instagram and Twitter. 

Kinoshita wrote, "I would like to announce that I married a man who I have been dating for some time and that we have been blessed with a baby." She continued to express, "Marrying the person I love and being blessed with his baby, I am anxious, but more so, I am filled with happiness and excitement for the future.

Former Ske48's Yakata Miki Reveals She Received Surgery For Breast Cancer

Former SKE48's Yakata Miki reveals she received surgery for breast cancer

Former SKE48 member Yakata Miki (25) has revealed that she has received surgery to remove her left breast and lymph nodes due to breast cancer. 

Yakata has already been discharged from the hospital. "Since they had to remove my lymph nodes, it's still difficult for me to raise my left hand above my shoulders. But if I work on rehab, it will be back to normal, so I hope to become better as soon as possible," she said.

Ske48's New Single To Be Titled 'muishiki No Iro'

SKE48's new single to be titled 'Muishiki no Iro'

The title and center for SKE48's new single that's slated for release on January 10 have been revealed. 

This announcement was made on November 29 during a SHOWROOM program starring SKE48 sub-unit Love Crescendo. After Matsui Jurina reported that all members of Love Crescendo made it into the senbatsu, it was announced that the single would be titled "Muishiki no Iro" and Obata Yuna will serve as center. This will be Obata's second consecutive time as center.