Nissan Plans To Slash May Car Output In Japan By 78%

Nissan plans to slash May car output in Japan by 78%

TOKYO — Nissan plans to slash the number of cars it produces at home in May by 78% from last year, as the impact of the coronavirus shakes the troubled automaker which has already been struggling with falling sales.

As global automakers reel from plunging sales amid lockdowns imposed in many countries to curb the spread of the virus, the hit is particularly severe for Nissan, whose profitability has been deteriorating as it grapples with the turmoil that followed the ousting of former Chairman Carlos Ghosn.

Jal, Ana Slash International Flight Capacities

JAL, ANA slash international flight capacities

Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways will further slash their international flight capacities amid the growing impact of the coronavirus on air travel.

The two Japanese airlines will continue to try to cope with falling demand in the coming month.

Honda Will Launch New Global Platform, Heavily Slash Trim Variants

Honda will launch new global platform, heavily slash trim variants

Along with Honda's announcement of the Honda E electric city car's production name, CEO Takahiro Hachigo today revealed a smattering of other initiatives and plans for Honda's future. Perhaps the most intriguing is a new vehicle platform to be announced next year with a "global model." It will be called Honda Architecture, and Honda says it's going to increase development efficiency and expand parts-sharing between models built on the platform. What Honda didn't tell us was what model we'll see on the platform first. Since the vehicle will be introduced next year, we expect it to be for the 2021 model year. It's tough to say which vehicle will be getting this platform first, as Honda has many global models: Civic, Accord, CR-V, Fit and HR-V.

The Accord and CR-V are both already loosely based on the Civic's platform, so where that car goes, the others will follow and vice-versa. The HR-V is a Fit-based crossover, but the new Fit was announced to be shown at the Tokyo Motor Show this fall — this means it can't be the car using the new platform, since Honda says the "Honda Architecture" is coming to a model announced in 2020. Honda also said this new Fit will be getting a next-generation version of its i-MMD hybrid system. We expect absolutely stellar fuel economy from a hybridized Fit — you can check out the next-gen Fit in spy photos here.

Mitsubishi To Slash Models And Focus On Selling More Crossovers And Suvs

Mitsubishi to Slash Models and Focus on Selling More Crossovers and SUVsMitsubishi has been struggling in North America for more than a decade.
Despite its continued hardship, surrender is simply not an option. According to Don Swearingen, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Mitsubishi Motors North America, pulling out of the market like, say, Isuzu or Suzuki “was never something we considered,” not even during the darkest days of the Great Recession of 2008.

Honda Updates Its Slick Little N-box Slash Kei Car

Honda Updates Its Slick Little N-Box Slash Kei CarYou think the Fit is small? Honda sells even smaller models in Japan. Most of them wear the letter N – like the N-One, N-WGN, N-Box, or the one you see here, called the N-Box Slash.
Rolled out just a couple of years ago, the N-Box Slash is one of the more stylish members of Honda's Kei-car family, taking a wildly different design approach to the retro N-One. And now it's undergone a bit of a refresh with new interior trim, equipment, alloys, and exterior color options.

Honda Launches All-new N-box Slash Kei Car In Japan

Honda Launches All-New N-BOX SLASH Kei Car in JapanHonda Motor Co., Ltd. today began sales of the all-new mini-vehicle, N-BOX SLASH, the fifth model of the N Series, at dealerships across Japan.
The N-BOX SLASH is an ingenuous Honda mini-vehicle that features a boxy and yet coupe-like form as well as complete coordination of exterior design with a custom car taste, bold interior design with thoroughly selected colors / materials and, finally, the body colors.

Honda Rolls Out New N-box Slash Kei Car In Japan

Honda rolls out new N-Box Slash kei car in JapanHonda has a whole series of retro hatchbacks in Japan, grouped together as part of its N series. And now there is one more.
Called the N-Box Slash (or N/ for short), the boxy but stylish new hatch is built to fit into Japan's rigid Kei car class, which means a tiny footprint no longer than 11 feet long and five feet wide.