Tepco: Power Slowly Returning Across Chiba

TEPCO: Power slowly returning across Chiba

Hundreds of thousands of homes in Japan are still suffering from power blackouts, four days after Monday's typhoon.

Tokyo Electric Power Company says the cities of Chiba, Yachiyo, Yotsukaido and Inzai and parts of Ichihara will have power restored by the end of Thursday.

Jongdari Moving Slowly Near Southwestern Japan

Jongdari moving slowly near southwestern Japan

Tropical Storm Jongdari is lingering around Japan's southern island of Kyushu on Tuesday. Over the weekend it ripped through the main island of Honshu.

Weather officials are calling on people to watch out for further torrential rains in southern Kyushu as well as the neighboring Shikoku region.

Spring’s Flower Baskets Slowly Blooming Northward

Spring’s flower baskets slowly blooming northwardWhen the cherry blossom season arrives, I appreciate the fact that the Japanese archipelago stretches south to north, rather than east to west.
The “cherry blossom front” is said to travel northward at a speed of about 2 kph, with the winds of spring as its companion. It takes the front nearly two months to reach the northernmost part of Japan. I wonder where it is now.