Sony Xperia 5 Is A Smaller Version Of The Xperia 1

Sony Xperia 5 Is A Smaller Version Of The Xperia 1

While Sony has been kind of quiet on the smartphone front, at least compared to the likes of Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi, it doesn’t mean that they are no longer creating devices. In fact, if you are interested in getting your hands on a new Sony Xperia smartphone, then you might be interested to learn that the Xperia 5 has been officially announced.

This will make it the second flagship smartphone to come from Sony this year, where it seems that based on its specs, it will actually be a slightly smaller version of the Xperia 1 which was launched earlier this year. We’re not sure how Sony arrived on the Xperia 5 instead of the Xperia 2, but that’s the name that they are going with.

Smaller Nintendo Switch Expected To Arrive This Fall

Smaller Nintendo Switch Expected To Arrive This Fall

The reports about a smaller, cheaper Nintendo Switch continue to come in. A new one suggests that the company is going to release this iteration of its popular Switch console by the fall this year. Nintendo is reportedly working on a more powerful version of the Switch as well.

Japan’s Nikkei reports that the smaller Nintendo Switch will primarily focus on enabling better portable play for owners. However, it won’t lose the ability to be docked to a TV like the original Nintendo Switch.

Smaller, More Portable Nintendo Switch In Development

Smaller, More Portable Nintendo Switch In Development

There have been rumors that Nintendo could be working on a refreshed Switch console. This isn’t surprising given that other console makers such as Sony and Microsoft have been known to introduce new and updated models during a console’s lifecycle. This is according to a report from Nikkei (via The Verge) who claims that a smaller, more portable, and more affordable Nintendo Switch could be in the works.

The report claims that this Nintendo Switch will be focused on portability and that certain features of the console might be cut in order to make it cheaper. There is no mention of what those features might be, so it is unclear what features might be omitted in order for the console to be priced more affordably.

Sony Launches Smaller Version Of Its Digital Paper Tablet

Sony Launches Smaller Version Of Its Digital Paper Tablet

Some of you might recall that several years ago, Sony launched the Digital Paper tablet which is basically a tablet that uses an e-ink touchscreen display that can be interacted with using a stylus, essentially providing users with never-ending pieces of paper that they can write and draw to their heart's content.

Unfortunately it did not come cheap with a price tag of $1,100. The good news is that Sony is trying their hand at it again, and this time they have come up with the DPT-CP1, which is the same Digital Paper tablet except that this model is not only smaller, but it is also almost half the price of the original at $600.

More About Toyota Ai: 2 Smaller Vehicles Will Join Concept-i Car From Ces

More about Toyota AI: 2 smaller vehicles will join Concept-i car from CES

Toyota is expanding its Concept-i series of semi-autonomous personal mobility electric vehicle concepts beyond the four-wheeler first revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January by adding a universal small mobility vehicle and a three-wheel Segway-style electric scooter designed for walking range. The three vehicles will be paired with artificial intelligence technology to enable the vehicles to understand their driver's emotions and preferences. All three will be shown at the Tokyo Motor Show, which starts Oct. 25. The company says the Concept-i series is based on its Learn-Protect-Inspire technology that understands people, uses automated driving technology to increase safety and can anticipate the driver's feelings. So for example, it'll be able to learn about you via your expressions and tone of voice, GPS information and even your social media activity to suggest routes it thinks you might find more enjoyable as a slight detour. It'll also be able to read all five senses, meaning it'll be able to tell if your eyelids are getting droopy, or send rhythmic inflate-deflate patterns to the seat if it senses you're getting annoyed, or pull up one of your favorite songs if it thinks you're feeling blue. It can also take over driving functions completely in certain dangerous or high-stress situations. You're not alone in thinking this stuff has some creepy undertones. Toyota says it aims to become "more than a machine, a partner" with the Concept-i technology. It's far from the only automaker investing in deep-learning AI systems. As for the vehicle specs, the Concept-i features an all-electric powertrain and a 186-mile driving range. The Concept-i Ride, a two-seater that Toyota envisions being used with car-sharing services, features gull-wing doors and an electric-sliding seat to accommodate wheelchair users and storage, plus a joystick that replaces a steering wheel, accelerator and brake pedal. It can go between 62 and 93 miles on a charge.

The Concept-i Walk, meanwhile, features three wheels, steering function, and a tight turning radius, with a range of 6 to 12 miles on a charge. Toyota says it plans to conduct road tests of vehicles equipped with some of the Concept-i technologies by around 2020.

Highlight: Smaller Firms In Japan Broadening Parts In Abroad Assistance

FEATURE: Smaller firms in Japan developing parts in abroad help

Smaller firms in Japan are expecting a more dynamic part in the nation's abroad headway help, offering their capacity to neighborhood accessories with help from the Japanese government.

Wago, a processor of rustic things arranged in Katori, Chiba Prefecture, east of Tokyo, is helping agriculturists in Kenya augment their benefit by upgrading creation and displaying of grape tomatoes.

Canon Announces Bluetooth Remote And 20% Smaller Ef-s 18-55mm F4-5.6 Kit Zoom

Canon announces Bluetooth remote and 20% smaller EF-S 18-55mm F4-5.6 kit zoomAlongside its updated DSLRs, Canon is offering a new, smaller kit zoom lens and a Bluetooth wireless remote control. The EF-S 18-55mm F4-5.6 IS STM is nearly 20% smaller than the 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 IS STM currently offered by Canon, but sacrifices 1/3-stop of light. Like its predecessor, it offers four stops of shake correction and a minimum focusing distance of 0.25m/9.8in. It will go on sale in April for $250.

Nissan Exec Talks About Smaller Leaf, And Maybe A Cuv Ev As Well

Nissan exec talks about smaller Leaf, and maybe a CUV EV as wellThe Renault Zoe is a popular electric vehicle in Europe, and it gives buyers on the continent a zero-emissions option that's smaller than the Nissan Leaf. Here in the US, Nissan only offers its one all-electric passenger vehicle, but the company might be taking a page from its corporate partner to offer a smaller Leaf in the near future.

Sony Xperia X Compact Offers High-end Camera In Smaller Format

Sony Xperia X Compact offers high-end camera in smaller formatAlong with the Xperia XZ, Sony has launched the Xperia X Compact. It's aimed at users who want a powerful camera in a compact body but can live with a slightly less powerful chipset.
The X Compact comes with the same 23MP 'triple sensor' main camera with laser-AF and color sensor as the Xperia XZ, but doesn’t offer 4K video and uses a front camera with a lower 5MP resolution, compared to the XZ's 13MP.

Honda Considering Smaller-than-hr-v Suv For Global Markets

Honda Considering Smaller-Than-HR-V SUV For Global MarketsA report out of Australia’s GoAuto suggests Honda is looking at a smaller than HR-V, city-sized SUV for the broader world market.
Although it sells the Brio-based BR-V in some markets such as Indonesia and Thailand, Honda Australia’s director Stephen Collins ruled it out, saying: “I'm sure you know there is a BR-V which is a Brio-based SUV. It's primarily made for emerging markets, so at this stage it is not in our plans,”

Mazda Smaller Global Size Has Success In Australia

Mazda smaller global size has success in AustraliaThe global CEO of Mazda says that his company’s smaller global size helps its aim of focusing on markets such as Australia, which, per capita, remains the brand’s best-performing country.
Speaking at the Tokyo Motor Show yesterday, Mazda CEO Masamichi Kogai, confirmed the brand’s current maximum capacity is 1.5 million cars per year.