Xperia 10 And 10 Plus Are Sony's Affordable 21:9 Ultra-wide Smartphones

Xperia 10 and 10 Plus are Sony's affordable 21:9 ultra-wide smartphones

Sony Mobile announced the Xperia 10 and Xperia 10 Plus earlier in the week at MWC, bringing their 21:9 ‘CinemaWide' displays to the mid-range. The Xperia 10 comes with a 6-inch Full HD+ LCD display, while the Xperia 10 Plus comes with a 6.5-inch Full HD+ LCD display. The super-wide aspect ratio, means that both phones will support a resolution of 1080 x 2520 pixels.

Sony Partners With Light For Multi-camera Smartphones

Sony partners with Light for multi-camera smartphones

Sony has formed a partnership with start-up Light to jointly develop and market multi-image camera sensor solutions for smartphones. Light is a leader in advanced computational imaging, and the agreement is to provide solutions with smartphones with four or more cameras.

Sony Reports Another Miserable Quarter For Smartphones

Sony reports another miserable quarter for smartphones

Sony's smartphone woes look no closer to ending. The company has just reported Q3 FY2018 results for the three months ended December 2018, with the company shipping just 1.8 million Xperia smartphones. This represents a fall of 55% compared to last year, when it shipped 4 million smartphones.

Final Fantasy Digital Card Game Announced For Smartphones

Final Fantasy Digital Card Game Announced For Smartphones

While card games, even digital ones, have been around for a while now, it seems that in recent times they are starting to catch on in terms of popularity again. We have to wonder if this might have anything to do with the success that Blizzard is seeing with Hearthstone, but since then we’ve seen quite a few card games launch.

Now it looks like Square Enix wants in on the card game genre as well because they have announced the Final Fantasy Digital Card Game which will be launching for smartphones and the PC. As the name implies, this is a digital card game that will be based around the Final Fantasy franchise and will feature characters from the series.

Sony Mobile Continues To Shrink – Ships Lowest Number Of Smartphones Ever

Sony Mobile continues to shrink – ships lowest number of smartphones ever

Sony Corporation released its fiscal second quarter results earlier today (three months to end of September 2018), and while overall results are sound, its mobile division continues to disappoint. Quite frankly, it was a terrible quarter for Sony Mobile. The business only managed to ship 1.6 million Xperia smartphones during the quarter – the lowest ever for Sony – with shipments down by over half compared to the same period last year.

How To Transfer Files Between Nearby Android Smartphones

How to Transfer Files Between Nearby Android Smartphones

Transferring files between Android devices is a pretty simple task, with a lot of options available to handle it, based on your device’s capabilities and the situation you are in.

In this tutorial, we are going to be showing you how to seamlessly send and receive files between Android smartphones and tablets. If you are not very familiar with accessing files on Android, we have a quick tutorial that can guide you through this process as well.

Xiaomi Mi A2 And A2 Lite Android One Smartphones Launched

Xiaomi Mi A2 And A2 Lite Android One Smartphones Launched

Xiaomi reportedly had two Android One smartphones in the pipeline and the company today unveiled both of them. The Xiaomi Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lite are now official. As they are part of the Android One program, the devices will provide a stock Android 8.1 experience. Since many customers prefer a stock Android experience, the company might see considerable interest in these handsets.

They’re the successors to last year’s Mi A1 which itself was based on the Mi 5X that Xiaomi had kept limited to China. It’s a similar story this year as the Mi A2 has specs identical to those of the Mi 6X.

Sony Unveils New 48mp Image Sensor For Smartphones

Sony Unveils New 48MP Image Sensor For Smartphones

Our smartphone cameras have come a very, very long way since cameras were introduced to phones in general. Not only do smartphone cameras these days feature faster autofocus, they also come with image stabilization, the ability to capture videos in 4K, and more. Now it looks like Sony will be kicking things up a notch.

The company has recently unveiled a brand new image sensor for smartphones which would effectively give smartphones a 48MP sensor. According to Sony, they boast that the new high megapixel count means that smartphone cameras now have the potential to rival high-end SLR cameras, although we should point out that there's more to a good photo than just a high megapixel count.

Android P Will Be Coming To All Nokia Smartphones

Android P Will Be Coming To All Nokia Smartphones

The problem with Android is that updates are usually dictated by the company that makes your phones, meaning that if and when an update comes to your phone is at the discretion of the manufacturer. However the good news is that if you are planning on buying a Nokia phone or have an existing Nokia phone, you'll be covered.

HMD Global has confirmed that all Nokia phones released by the company will be updated to Android P. This will include the Nokia 1 up to the Nokia 8 Sirocco and anything in between. Prior to this, back in October 2017 HMD already stated that all existing Nokia phones would be getting Android P, but this latest confirmation suggests that the update will cover all recently launched phones as well.

Xiaomi Will Launch More Android One Smartphones

Xiaomi Will Launch More Android One Smartphones

Xiaomi quickly made a name for itself as it offered aggressively priced smartphones with good specs. It has grown considerably over the past few years and seeks to expand its footing in key emerging markets by signing up for Google’s Android One program. Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun has revealed that the company has plans to make more Android One smartphones which will run on vanilla Android OS and not its own MIUI fork.

Jun told Indian media recently that Xiaomi will be launching more Android One smartphones in the future including in its popular Redmi series. These devices will run on unadulterated iterations of Google’s mobile platform.

Camera Pro Available Once Again For Nokia Smartphones

Camera Pro Available Once Again For Nokia Smartphones

If you ever played with a Nokia Lumia device back in the day then you will be well aware that they had impressive cameras aided by Carl Zeiss optics. Not only that, the handsets came with one of the best camera apps for Android smartphones, known as Nokia Pro Camera, Lumia Camera, and as Nokia Camera. The app changed names many times but it offered features like manual focus and the ability to adjust the shutter speed as far back as 2013. Nokia is no longer the same company anymore but fans of its devices will surely appreciate the return of Camera Pro in a new way.

Many Android smartphones now offer full-fledged pro camera modes which enable users to tweak advanced settings in order to take the perfect shot. However, the much-loved Camera Pro app was missing when HMD Global rolling out the first batch of Nokia-branded devices last year.

Google To Start Certifying Android Smartphones For Business Use

Google To Start Certifying Android Smartphones For Business Use

Android’s fragmented nature means that the software support for devices can vary from one manufacturer to the other. While some OEMs are now promising major updates beyond two years, timely security updates are still rare. This tends to worry large organizations that don’t want to constantly deploy new devices or have to worry about security flaws in outdated devices. To put those customers at ease, Google will now start certifying Android devices for business use.

Google’s Android Enterprise Recommended program is going to certify devices which are more suited for business use. For a device to receive this certification it has to be running Android 7.0 or higher and must have support for zero-touch enrollment so that large organizations can quickly deploy a substantial number of devices.