Balloon Artist Pursues Goal Of Spreading Smiles Through Art

Balloon artist pursues goal of spreading smiles through artBalloon artist Erisa Sasaki has traveled around Japan and overseas in pursuit of her goal to "bring smiles to people across the world" with her inflatable artworks.
Sasaki, 38, a resident of Sapporo, Hokkaido, was a nervous child who tried to avoid attending elementary and middle school. When she reached senior high school, she gradually became more outgoing and served as president of the student council.

Former Gold Medalist All Smiles Despite 23rd Place Finish In Nagoya Women's Marathon

Former gold medalist all smiles despite 23rd place finish in Nagoya Women's Marathon2004 Athens Olympics gold medalist Mizuki Noguchi, 37, shed tears but was all smiles as she finished in 23rd place at the Nagoya Women's Marathon here on March 13.
Noguchi had said herself the marathon, which also served as a final qualifier for the women's national Olympic team, was her "last attempt at the Olympics," and a 23rd place finish leaves her no chance to compete in the Rio de Janeiro games.

Epson Philippines Helps Bring Smiles To Children With Cancer

Epson Philippines Helps Bring Smiles to Children with CancerEpson is firmly committed to supporting the communities in which it operates around the world. Epson Philippines has been especially active, with its most recent effort a collaboration with a group of volunteers that aims to bring smiles to the faces of children afflicted with cancer. Organized by renowned local photographer Pilar Tuason in cooperation with the Kythe Foundation, the "Portraits of Love" charity event held in June gave the children a magical day of laughter.

Toyota Hybrid: Science Behind The Smiles

Toyota hybrid: Science behind the smilesResearch into how people feel driving a Toyota hybrid car, compared with a non-hybrid, in the congested streets of Rome.
Driving a car in traffic is a stressful experience – 93% of drivers in a recent survey stated they found driving more stressful than other means of transportation. The research also identified three main factors that make driving stressful – the brain works harder, anger builds up and frustration significantly increases.