Cold Air Brings Snow To Tokyo And Neighboring Areas

Cold air brings snow to Tokyo and neighboring areas

Snow has begun to accumulate in southern parts of the Kanto region, including Tokyo.

Weather officials say a cold air mass and pressure trough have produced intermittent snow since early Monday morning.

Threat Of Heavy Snow Eases In Tokyo

Threat of heavy snow eases in Tokyo

Weather officials say the threat of heavy snowfall has eased for central Tokyo, which received only a light dusting through Saturday afternoon as a cold air mass and low-pressure system moved over the area.

Snow started falling across the capital and surrounding Kanto region early on Saturday, accumulating even in some areas on the plains.

Snow Getting Heavier In Tokyo

Snow getting heavier in Tokyo

Authorities in Japan are warning that heavy snow could fall over central Tokyo and the surrounding Kanto region. They're calling on people to be prepared.

The Meteorological Agency said on Saturday a strong cold air mass and passing low-pressure system are combining to dump snow over wide areas.

Tokyo Area Bracing For Heavy Snow

Tokyo area bracing for heavy snow

Weather forecasters in Japan are warning of heavy snowfall on Saturday in the Kanto region comprising Tokyo and surrounding prefectures.

A strong cold air mass and passing low-pressure system are likely to bring snow to wide areas from morning to night.

Heavy Snow Expected In And Around Tokyo

Heavy snow expected in and around Tokyo

Japanese weather officials say an extremely powerful cold air mass will bring snow to wide areas, including central Tokyo.

The Meteorological Agency says the air mass with a temperature of minus 24 degrees Celsius covered the northern prefecture of Hokkaido and nearby regions on Friday.

Sapporo Snow Festival Kicks Off

Sapporo snow festival kicks off

Visitors are flocking to the city of Sapporo on Japan's northern island of Hokkaido to see snow and ice sculptures as the annual snow festival kicks off.

The festival, which marks its 70th anniversary this year, is being held in three locations across the city. At its main Odori Park site, the event opened with a trumpet fanfare.

Heavy Snow Forecast Over Wide Areas Of Japan

Heavy snow forecast over wide areas of Japan

Japanese weather officials say a cold air mass is bringing heavy snow to much of the Sea of Japan side of the country over the weekend.

The officials warn that even lowlands along the Pacific coast may be hit by snow.

Snow Keeps Travelers Stranded In Hokkaido

Snow keeps travelers stranded in Hokkaido

The continued disruption of air traffic caused by heavy snowfall forced more than 40 travelers to spend a night at New Chitose Airport in Hokkaido on Sunday.

The disruption began on Saturday when 105 flights were canceled and about 2,000 people spent the night at the airport near Sapporo in northern Japan.

Snow Strands Travelers At Airport

Snow strands travelers at airport

New Year holidaymakers have been stranded in northern Japan after their flights were canceled due to heavy snow.

The runways of New Chitose Airport near Sapporo were closed at times while workers cleared it of snow. More than 20 centimeters fell on Saturday.

Heavy Snow Cancels Flights In Hokkaido

Heavy snow cancels flights in Hokkaido

Heavy snow has forced cancellation of flights to and from Hokkaido, keeping holidaymakers from leaving the northern main island amid the peak of the "U-turn rush."

Airline companies say almost all flights from New Chitose Airport near Sapporo bound for Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka were fully booked on Saturday.

Heavy Snow Hit Areas On The Sea Of Japan Coast

Heavy snow hit areas on the Sea of Japan coast

Weather officials are warning of further snowfall in areas along the Sea of Japan coast.

The Meteorological Agency says the influx of a strong cold air mass due to a winter pressure pattern has brought heavy snow to mountainous areas along the Sea of Japan coast.

Snow Piling Up In Japan Coastal Areas

Snow piling up in Japan coastal areas

Snowfall will likely continue along the Sea of Japan coast through Sunday. Weather officials are warning of possible transportation disruptions.

The Meteorological Agency says a winter weather pattern has strengthened, bringing a cold air mass to northern and western Japan.

Officials Set Up Hp For Snow Information

Officials set up HP for snow information

Japan's current severe weather conditions have led the government to provide English-language guidance.

The URL for the Japan National Tourism Organization website is . Users should scroll down to the link "Snow forecast in Japan."