Nissan, Renault Plan To Solve Disagreements, Face Crisis Together

Nissan, Renault plan to solve disagreements, face crisis together

Renault and Nissan have shelved plans to push towards the full merger former leader Carlos Ghosn craved and will instead fix their troubled alliance to try to recover from the coronavirus pandemic, five senior sources told Reuters.

Nissan has long resisted Renault's proposals for a full-blown merger as executives felt the French carmaker was not paying its fair share for the engineering work it did in Japan, sowing discord that some feared could wreck the partnership.

Japan, S.korea To Try To Solve Wartime Labor Issue

Japan, S.Korea to try to solve wartime labor issue

Senior diplomats from Japan and South Korea say they will keep communicating to resolve a dispute over wartime labor, which is one of the issues that have strained bilateral ties.

Shigeki Takizaki, the director general of the Japanese Foreign Ministry's Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau and Kim Jung-han, the South Korean Foreign Ministry's director general for Asian and Pacific affairs met in Tokyo on Friday.

Panasonic's Shoe Deodorizer Will Solve Your Smelly Shoe Problem

Panasonic's Shoe Deodorizer Will Solve Your Smelly Shoe Problem

If you’re particularly concerned about smelly feet or the odor that your shoes leave behind once you take them off, Panasonic has a new gadget that will help make your life easier. The company today announced a new device that it’s calling a “shoe deodorizer.” The Panasonic MS-DS100 features “nanoe X” which generates 10 times more hydroxyl (OH) radicals than “nanoe” in order remove shoe odors.

It works once it’s plugged in and the bottom nodes are placed into the shoes that need their odor removed. It then eliminates odors by basically bombarding the shoes with highly charged ions which penetrate through the material and dissolve particles to eliminate the bad smells.

Sony A6300 Firmware Update Should Solve Overheating Issues

Sony A6300 Firmware Update Should Solve Overheating IssuesWe have heard of computers overheating, cars overheating, and phones overheating, but rarely do we hear about cameras overheating. However sometimes that can happen, and unfortunately it seems that more than one Sony A6300 user has complained that the camera can overheat, especially in video mode.

Sigma Updates 150-600mm Firmware To Solve Overexposure With Nikon D500

Sigma updates 150-600mm firmware to solve overexposure with Nikon D500Sigma has announced new firmware for one of its super tele zooms that has a problem with exposure when used with the Nikon D500 and Sigma’s 1.4x tele convertor. Both Sports and Contemporary versions of the 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM will need the new firmware if owners want to use the lenses with the company’s TC-1401 1.4x teleconverter on the Nikon D500. The company says it has discovered that when the three items are combined there is an issue with overexposure, and that the new firmware will fix it.

Robots Solve Labour, Productivity Issues In Japan

Robots solve labour, productivity issues in JapanThe rise of the machines in the workplace has US and European experts predicting massive unemployment and tumbling wages.
Not in Japan, where robots are welcomed by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's government as an elegant way to handle the country's aging populace, shrinking workforce and public aversion to immigration.

Strategic Research To Solve Conjectures In Arithmetic Geometry

Strategic Research to Solve Conjectures in Arithmetic GeometryAs one of the projects to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the founding of Keio University's Faculty of Science and Technology, the University has launched the Keio Institute of Pure and Applied Sciences, commonly referred to as KiPAS. At KiPAS, groundbreaking efforts are being made by providing four chief researchers who are focused on fundamental academic research fields with environments that facilitate commitment to research. Those researchers were selected from full-time faculty members of the Faculty of Science and Technology.

Fujitsu Sees Success In Large-scale Test Of Technology To Solve Ipv4 Address Space Exhaustion Issue

Fujitsu Sees Success in Large-Scale Test of Technology to Solve IPv4 Address Space Exhaustion IssueFujitsu Limited, Fujitsu Computer Technologies Limited, the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), and the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) today announced that they recently conducted a successful large-scale test of a solution technology that will enable IPv4 addresses to be assigned (shared) to different devices at datacenters configured with IPv6 networks.