Kawais Likely Gave Cash To Some 40 Local Lawmakers

Kawais likely gave cash to some 40 local lawmakers

Sources say former Justice Minister Kawai Katsuyuki and his Diet lawmaker wife Anri handed cash to dozens of local assembly members in her Hiroshima constituency.

The couple were arrested by Tokyo prosecutors on Thursday on suspicion of violating the public office election law.

Coronavirus Has Lingering Effects On Some People

Coronavirus has lingering effects on some people

An NHK survey has found that COVID-19 has lingering effects on some patients after testing negative for the virus and being discharged from hospital.

Hospital doctors treating coronavirus patients say people should know that various problems can persist after patients' discharge from hospital. They also say they hope for a wider network of support to be created for those people.

Some Businesses, Schools Reopen In Japan

Some businesses, schools reopen in Japan

Businesses across Japan are slowly reopening even before the government makes its final decision on lifting a nationwide state of emergency.

More than half the country's prefectures are likely to ease restrictions put in place last month.

Some Businesses In Japan Reopen

Some businesses in Japan reopen

Some prefectures in Japan are resuming business as the government mulls lifting the state of emergency due to the coronavirus before the end of the month.

More than 30 prefectures are expected to have restrictions eased while Tokyo is likely to stay under the emergency declaration.

State Of Emergency May Be Lifted In Some Prefs

State of emergency may be lifted in some prefs

Japan's government says it may lift the nationwide state of emergency for the coronavirus outbreak before the planned end date of May 31. This would apply to some of the 13 prefectures now under special alert, as well as many other prefectures.

The government plans to discuss the matter at a meeting of its expert panel on Thursday.

Japan May Lift Restrictions In Some Areas

Japan may lift restrictions in some areas

The number of coronavirus cases reported in Japan in one day has fallen below 100 for the first time since the state of emergency was declared on April 7.

The government says it may lift the measure in some prefectures around May 14.

Emergency May End Around May 14 In Some Areas

Emergency may end around May 14 in some areas

Japan's government says it may lift the country's state of emergency over the coronavirus outbreak in some prefectures around May 14.

Economic Revitalization Minister Nishimura Yasutoshi spoke about the possibility to reporters on Thursday.

Some Indonesian Crew Of Cruise Ship Leave Japan

Some Indonesian crew of cruise ship leave Japan

Dozens of Indonesian crewmembers of a cruise ship stricken with the coronavirus have left Japan for their home country after testing negative for the virus.

On Sunday, 44 Indonesians disembarked from the Costa Atlantica now moored at a shipyard in Japan's western prefecture of Nagasaki. They later boarded a plane bound for the Indonesian capital, Jakarta.

Some Cruise Ship Crew Can Go Home From Nagasaki

Some cruise ship crew can go home from Nagasaki

Officials in Nagasaki Prefecture dealing with a coronavirus outbreak on a cruise ship docked there are working to send crew members who tested negative back to their home countries.

The Italian-registered Costa Atlantica is at the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries shipyard for repairs. Of the 623 crew members, 148 were confirmed to have the virus as of Saturday.

Toyota 86 Paper Models Are Here To Eat Up Some Time

Toyota 86 paper models are here to eat up some time

While the coronavirus pathogen and the COVID-19 illness dominates the news, auto manufacturers are give people fun distractions (that also keep the companies in those people's minds) by offering positive car-related activities. Audi has offered Zoom video conferencing backgrounds, Porsche recently released a documentary, and Aston Martin released downloadable images for coloring. This week, Toyota contributed to quarantine play time with templates for foldable Toyota 86 coupe models with retro liveries.

In total, Toyota released templates for six different-looking 86 models, but they're technically not new. These were originally created for Toyota's 50th anniversary in the United Kingdom and dropped around the time of the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed. Each livery is a nod to an important vehicle from Toyota's past, and Toyota actually created real cars with the same looks using vinyl wraps. 

Some Toyama Prefecture Public Schools Reopen

Some Toyama Prefecture public schools reopen

Two cities in Toyama Prefecture on the Sea of Japan coast have reopened their public elementary and junior high schools after being closed for two weeks to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

Classes resumed on Monday in the cities of Toyama and Kurobe.

Some Shinkansen Services To Be Suspended In March

Some Shinkansen services to be suspended in March

The operator of Japan's Tokaido Shinkansen line says it will reduce the number of its trains in late March due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The Central Japan Railway Company had planned to operate extra Nozomi bullet trains from March 19 through 31, when the number of passengers usually increases due to spring holidays.

Expert: Risk To Some Para-athletes

Expert: Risk to some para-athletes

The health emergency is affecting preparations for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics. Organizers have held a test event without athletes or spectators.

An expert says the coronavirus poses a significant risk to some physically challenged athletes.

Some Passengers To Enter Govt.-prepared Facilities

Some passengers to enter govt.-prepared facilities

Japan's government plans to have passengers on the Diamond Princess cruise ship who were in close contact with those infected by the new coronavirus stay in facilities it has prepared to monitor their health.

Health minister Katsunobu Kato made the announcement on Friday. The ministry had previously planned to have such passengers remain on the ship.