Some Nintendo Switch Lite Owners Are Already Reporting Control Drift Issues

Some Nintendo Switch Lite Owners Are Already Reporting Control Drift Issues

A couple of months ago, Nintendo officially announced the Nintendo Switch Lite. This is a cheaper and more portable version of the Switch, although for the most part it is still very much a Switch at its core. Unfortunately, it seems to have inherited some of the Switch’s problems as well.

In case you didn’t know, Switch owners have been reporting that they are experiencing “drift” issues with their Joy-Cons. What this means is that even when the player isn’t touching the control, the console will read it as the controls are moving which can interfere with gameplay. Now it seems that according to some user reports, the Switch Lite is experiencing similar issues as well.

Some Homes To Remain Without Power On Wednesday

Some homes to remain without power on Wednesday

Tokyo Electric Power Company says blackouts caused by Typhoon Faxai will continue on Wednesday in some areas near Tokyo.

TEPCO Power Grid President Yoshinori Kaneko offered an update early Wednesday on efforts to restore power to more than 448,000 households and businesses in Chiba Prefecture and 6,000 in Kanagawa.

Japan Pm Prepares To Shift Some Key Ministers

Japan PM prepares to shift some key ministers

Japan's prime minister is set to reshuffle his cabinet and executives of his Liberal Democratic Party on Wednesday. Sources say Shinzo Abe will retain some key members of both lineups, while bringing in a number of fresh faces.

Abe will reshuffle the party leadership Wednesday morning and his cabinet in the afternoon.

Power Blackouts Likely In Some Areas After Monday

Power blackouts likely in some areas after Monday

Typhoon Faxai damaged electric supply chains in a wide area of the Kanto region, including Tokyo, and its surrounding areas.

Electricity will likely not be fully restored by the end of the day in some parts of the Tokyo metropolitan area, which was battered by the typhoon early Monday.

Some Tokyo Train Services To Be Suspended

Some Tokyo train services to be suspended

East Japan Railway says it will cancel all services in the greater Tokyo area from the first train until 8 a.m. on Monday.

Odakyu Electric Railway says it will gradually reduce the number of trains on Sunday evening and will cancel all services in Tokyo and neighboring Kanagawa Prefecture after 10 p.m.

Some A-bomb Survivors Likely Got Preferential Care

Some A-bomb survivors likely got preferential care

Newly discovered documents suggest a US commission tasked with studying the physical effects of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki allowed survivors who cooperated with their research to receive preferential treatment.

The US set up the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission, known as ABCC, in 1947. But survivors slammed the commission for not providing medical care as a general rule.

Watch The 2020 Toyota Supra Get Some Air On A Track - Autoblog

Watch the 2020 Toyota Supra get some air on a track - Autoblog

As if the Supra needed any help garnering more attention: After first announcing the return of the historic sports car at the Super Bowl earlier this year, Toyota is launching a new advertising campaign for the 2020 GR Supra called "This Is Our Sport." Part of the multi-video offensive includes a clip that shows the Supra carving up a track and getting some air beneath its tires. On the 50th anniversary of NASA launching Apollo 11 to the moon, Toyota has released video of the Supra launching inches above the pavement. Sure, it's not quite as momentous, but it's pretty sweet any time we see footage of a performance vehicle running at 11/10ths. And the drifts. LOTS of drifts. Not surprising, considering it makes more horsepower than advertised.  Officially, the 30-second video is called "Track Day," and it's the longest of the pack of advertisements. Others include six-second spots called "Joy" and "Face Off," which shows the old Supra meeting the new Supra in a design comparison of sorts.  "Track Day" will appropriately air during motorsports events, but that's not the end of the story. Toyota will also be releasing a long-form video called "Game of Horsepower," which will use the Supra in a game of H.O.R.S.E. and will debut across the company's social media channels. Check out "Track Day" above.

Some 2019 Subaru Outbacks And Legacys Recalled For Compromising Welds - Autoblog

Some 2019 Subaru Outbacks and Legacys recalled for compromising welds - Autoblog

Subaru is recalling a total of 2,107 brand-new vehicles due to faulty welds located on the duct below the cowl panel that could compromise the vehicle's body strength, increasing the risk of injury in a crash. The 2019 Outback and 2019 Legacy are the two models involved with the recall. However, there are only 142 Legacys impacted, whereas 1,965 Outbacks are being called back. Subaru says customers will have a few options if they have one of the affected vehicles. You'll be able to exchange the vehicle, let Subaru buy it back, or return the car for some intensive repairs. Perhaps this recall reminds you of the situation the Ascent was in last year. The large Subaru SUV was recalled due to it missing a series of spot welds on the B-pillar, weakening the structure. Subaru said it planned to destroy all 293 Ascents that were thought to be affected at the time. These new faulty welds are described differently than the ones we saw previously. Here's Subaru's explanation for what went wrong: "During the manufacturing process at the supplier's factory, the spot-welder tip is cleaned and re-shaped by a dresser (grinding machine). During production of potentially affected parts, the grinding machine may have been blocked by excess metal chips/powder, thus reducing the effectiveness of the welder." Subaru reportedly told Consumer Reports that most of the vehicles being recalled haven't even reached the dealerships yet, with fewer than 20 of the vehicles in customer hands. That makes sense, as Subaru says the affected vehicles were built between May 31 and June 6, 2019. Subaru said a bodyshop employee initially noticed the defect on June 6, which prompted an internal investigation, leading to the recall. We've asked Subaru if it could provide any more detail about the recall beyond what the official documents show. If you have a 2019 Outback or Legacy affected by this issue, expect to receive a letter in the mail soon. Thankfully, there won't be many people who will be getting those recall notices.

Some Nikon Dslr Cameras Might Be Replaced With Mirrorless Models

Some Nikon DSLR Cameras Might Be Replaced With Mirrorless Models

DSLRs were the cameras that many professionals used back in the day, but then mirrorless cameras came along and the game was changed. This is because mirrorless cameras are smaller and lighter than DSLRs, making them more ideal to be carried around, plus with some of them sporting full-frame capabilities, some pros have actually replaced their DSLRs with mirrorless cameras.

This is why it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that maybe Nikon could be considering something similar as well. According to a report from Nikon Rumors, they have heard that there might be some Nikon DSLR models that will not be replaced with newer DSLR models. Instead, they believe that these models could actually be replaced by mirrorless cameras. This includes the Nikon D3500, the D5600, and the D500.

Google Confirms Some Android Phones Came Preinstalled With Trojan Malware

Google Confirms Some Android Phones Came Preinstalled With Trojan Malware

Malware on our smartphones aren’t new, although for the most part, this can be easily avoided by not downloading from suspicious-looking websites or unofficial sources. However, it seems that being smart about your downloads isn’t good enough because Google has recently confirmed that there have been some Android devices that have actually come preinstalled with malware.

For those who are unfamiliar with what has been going on, earlier this year, there was a Trojan malware called Triada that was discovered on a bunch of budget Android handsets. This confirmation by Google basically acknowledges that some Android handsets were indeed compromised by this malware as part of a supply chain attack.