Some Japanese Firms Way Ahead In Making 'no Smoking' The Norm Before 2020

Some Japanese firms way ahead in making 'no smoking' the norm before 2020In preparation for Japan's hosting of the 2019 Rugby World Cup and 2020 Summer Olympics, the government has set out to beef up measures to curb the public's exposure to secondhand smoke.
Last October, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare proposed that workplaces be non-smoking as a general rule, while allowing for smoking rooms.

Restored Power Started Some Fires After 1995 Quake

Restored power started some fires after 1995 quakeA study has found that some of the fires that occurred shortly after the 1995 Great Hanshin Earthquake in western Japan started when power was restored.
NHK conducted the research with Yamanashi University Associate Professor Yasunori Hada and Tokyo University of Science Professor Ai Sekizawa.

It Will Be Breakfast At Tiffany Some Day

It Will Be Breakfast at Tiffany Some DayMariko (Reina Triendl) cares about eating breakfast a lot due to her mother's influence. Mariko and her boyfriend have lived together for 7 years, but they haven't had breakfast together very often. Even though Mariko began living with her boyfriend, imagining eating breakfast together and smiling.

Some Sony Xperia Devices Now Support Firefox Os

Some Sony Xperia devices now support Firefox OSThe FXP (FreeXperia) team of developers have worked wonders with Sony Xperia devices for a number of years now. If you like tinkering with your devices and you’re bored with Android custom ROMs then you might want to try Firefox OS. The FXP team worked in collaboration with Mozilla to support several Sony Xperia devices in Mozilla’s repos.

Japan Govt. Releases Some Information On Tpp Talks

Japan govt. releases some information on TPP talksThe Japanese government has posted on its website information on the ongoing Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade negotiations.
The move follows calls from opposition parties and industry groups for the information to be disclosed. The Democratic Party and the Japan Innovation Party had jointly submitted a bill obliging the government to report progress in the TPP negotiations to the Diet.