'power Food' Of Old, Deceptively Moreish 'tororo' Grated Yam Soup

'Power food' of old, deceptively moreish 'tororo' grated yam soup

Chojiya is a restaurant specializing in "tororo" (grated yam) dishes located in Shizuoka city's Suruga Ward, an area that retains the feel of Mariko-juku, one of the many stations of the old Tokaido route.

The establishment replaced its symbolic thatched roof this spring and continues to attract many visitors from Japan and abroad, yet Kaoru Shibayama, the 64-year-old proprietor, says, "Our business had hit rock bottom at one point."

Miso Ramen Soup With Pakchoi And Poached Egg

Miso Ramen Soup With Pakchoi And Poached EggThis miso ramen soup contains pakchoi and a poached egg to add a smooth and creamy addition to the umami-filled flavour of the miso soup base. Easy to make and easy to customise to your personal preferences. This is a great soup to warm and fill you up all year round.

A Taste Of Italy In Miso Soup With Tomatoes And Powdered Cheese

A taste of Italy in miso soup with tomatoes and powdered cheese

Cherry tomatoes and powdered cheese in miso soup may take some by surprise, and all the more so if the process begins by cooking "shimeji" mushrooms in water instead of making soup stock with dried kelp.

"These ingredients happen to release the umami (savory) elements," says Sally Hiramatsu, the 28-year-old "science-based cooking expert," who has a talent for conveying the mechanisms of how tastiness comes about through cooking from a scientific perspective.

Miso, Kale And Crispy Tofu Soup

Miso, kale and crispy tofu soupINGREDIENTS
1/3 cup white miso paste (see Notes)
2cm piece fresh ginger, peeled, cut into thin matchsticks
4 stalks kale
150g green beans, trimmed, cut into 2cm lengths
2 x 200g packets udon noodles
2 teaspoons canola oil
200g packet Japanese marinated tofu, cut into 2cm cubes

Rice-cake Soup Is A Traditional New Year’s Treat In All Households

Rice-cake soup is a traditional New Year’s treat in all householdsThe recipe to start the new year off right for this cooking column is for a traditional staple that is enjoyed and cherished in households in Japan during the New Year’s celebration.
“It has to be ‘o-zoni.’ The spirit of New Year’s is fused in the bowl. If you have rice cakes, you are ready for the new year,” says cooking expert Yoshiharu Doi, speaking of the festive soup with rice cakes.

Think Outside The Box And Stay Healthy With Miso Soup

Think outside the box and stay healthy with miso soupAn infinite world of flavor and texture can be found in a bowl of seemingly simple miso soup.
Cooking expert Yoshiharu Doi suggests going beyond the popular ingredients for miso soup, including tofu, “wakame” seaweed, daikon and “aburaage” (thin slice of deep-fried tofu).

Beat The Heat With Cold Miso Soup

Beat the heat with cold miso soupHiyajiru is a cold soup seasoned with miso and other flavors that has toppings. The soup feels smooth in the throat, and is a good way of getting nutrition in the hot weather when you’ve lost your appetite.

Japanese Tofu Soup

Japanese tofu soupIngredients
200g fresh shiitake mushrooms, halved
200g thick Korean glass noodles (see note) or thin glass noodles (bean thread vermicelli)
1/2 small Chinese cabbage, thickly sliced
4 spring onions, chopped, plus extra to serve
600g silken firm tofu (at room temperature), drained, cubed
2L (8 cups) dashi (Japanese fish stock)(see note), made with dashi powder prepared to packet directions
3/4 cup (185ml) mirin (see note)
3/4 cup (185ml) reduced-salt soy sauce
1/4 cup (60ml) sake

Dumpling Soup From Fukushima Like Grandma Used To Make

Dumpling soup from Fukushima like grandma used to makeThe Japan Football Village (J-Village) is a soccer training facility located in Naraha, Fukushima Prefecture, where Yoshiteru Nishi, chef for the national soccer team, works.
It is located about 20 kilometers from the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant. After the 2011 accident at the plant, J-Village was used as a base for decommissioning work.