Mazda6 Diesels Chase Speed Records

2014 Mazda6 Overview It was a rewarding weekend for Mazda the ATP test oval in Papenburg, Germany, as the company shattered 20 FIA speed records (subject to FIA homologation). Three of the convention-challenging carmaker’s Mazda6 flagships powered by 129kW/175PS SKYACTIV-D 2.2 clean diesels completed a 24-hour marathon run on the high-speed track Sunday, with the front car achieving an average speed of 221.072 km/h and the other two close behind.

High Speed Train Forum Held In California

High speed train forum held in CaliforniaRepresentatives from railway industries in Japan and the United States met in San Jose, California to discuss the economic benefits and changes in lifestyles that a high-speed railway brings.

2015 Mazda3 Finally Pairs 6-speed Manual With Larger Engine

2015 Mazda3With all of the hype and anticipation surrounding the 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata, the Japanese brand was able to sneak another driver-oriented model into its lineup. The company's spec page for the 2015 Mazda3 hatchback and sedan have been updated to list the Skyactiv-G 2.5-liter four-cylinder as finally being available with a six-speed manual transmission, in addition to the previous six-speed automatic. The automaker had promised the row-your-own gearbox with the bigger engine back when it first announced the new Mazda3, but it waited a model year to actually put the combo on sale.

Lexus Gs 450h And The Need For Speed

New GS 450h F Sport comes to Lexus UK HQThe Lexus GS 450h doesn’t normally shout about its astonishing combination of performance and efficiency. So we decided to speak up about our ultimate Q-car.
Lexus knows how to rock the premium car market. From the marque’s introduction in 1989, the list of Lexus firsts has grown and grown.

Attainment Of High Speed And Low Cost Even With Multiproduct Variable Quantity Production Innovative Idea

Attainment of high speed and low cost even with multiproduct variable quantity production Innovative ideaRecently, a growing number of Japanese manufacturers have started the operation of compact lines (Fig.). The compact line is an unprecedented small-scale production line for which measures such as reduction, integration, and shortening of processes have been comprehensively taken. In addition to the aforementioned Honda' case , Toyota Motor Corporation has developed a compact line named Small-Scale Innovative Line, which can yield a profit even with monthly production volume reduced by half, and has been actively introduced into domestic and international plants.

Toshiba Tz5000 App Lite Starter Kits To Speed The Development Of Web Applications

Toshiba TZ5000 App Lite Starter Kits to speed the development of web applicationsToshiba Electronics Europe announced two starter kits that will speed the development of web applications using the Toshiba TZ5000 Application Processor Lite (ApP Lite) series. By providing various drivers for rich Internet applications using HTML5, the RBTZ5000-2MA-A1 and RBTZ5000-6MA-A1 starter kits enable users to easily introduce embedded development environments – and thus speed time to market – for IoT (Internet of Things), streaming media and other content-rich consumer devices.

Brother High Speed Mono Lase Fax Fax-2940

Brother High Speed Mono Lase Fax FAX-2940Whatever your purpose, the Brother FAX-2940 has the features and technology to help you work more efficiently.
The compact stylish design delivers professional performance with enhanced capabilities such as N-in-1-copy, which improves productivity and reduces paper costs.