Toyota Will Spend 10 Years Perfecting Its Astronaut Moon Rover - Autoblog

Toyota will spend 10 years perfecting its astronaut moon rover - Autoblog

Japan has an ambitious plan to send men to the moon by 2030 as part of a multinational mission and is determined they'll have a ride when they get there. Japan's space agency JAXA and partner Toyota have revealed that the pressurized, manned lunar rover — announced earlier this year — should be ready to launch by 2029. The six-wheeled vehicle will carry two people up to 6,200 miles using solar power and fuel cell technology. At 20 feet long, 17 feet wide and 12 feet tall, it'll have 140 square feet of habitable space. Thanks to the pressurization, astronauts won't need spacesuits while inside. The timeline is pretty busy, and considering the challenges of developing tech for human space exploration, Toyota and JAXA will do well to meet their deadlines. The official plan runs for three years, up to 2022, with a tentative plan for a push toward launch between 2022 and 2029.

  • Fiscal year 2019: Identifying technological elements that need to be developed for driving on the surface of the moon; drawing up specifications for a prototype rover
  • Fiscal year 2020: Manufacturing test parts for each technological element; manufacturing a prototype rover
  • Fiscal year 2021: Testing and evaluating both the manufactured test parts and the prototype rover
  • From 2022: Manufacture and evaluation of a 1:1 scale prototype rover; acquisition and verification testing of data on driving systems required to explore the moon's polar regions
  • From 2024: Design, manufacture, and evaluation of an engineering model of the rover; design of the actual flight model
  • From 2027: Manufacture, and performance and quality testing of the flight model
At that point, the rover will be ready for a scheduled 2030 launch. In theory, it will arrive on the moon ahead of the human explorers and drive autonomously to meet them. JAXA wants to use it to help astronauts explore the lunar poles in search of frozen water, while at the same time developing tech that could be used on other planets. If the ambitious project works out, it'll give astronauts a cozy escape from the lunar desert's magnificent desolation.

Nintendo Doesn't Want Gamers To Spend Too Much On Mobile Games

Nintendo Doesn't Want Gamers To Spend Too Much On Mobile Games

Oddly enough that doesn’t seem to be what Nintendo wants. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, it seems that Nintendo is apparently asking for developers of its mobile games to try and make it so that gamers won’t need to spend excessive amounts of money on its game.

This was revealed by an agent for CyberAgent, the developer behind the mobile Dragalia Lost title. “Nintendo is not interested in making a large amount of revenue from a single smartphone game. If we managed the game alone, we would have made a lot more.” Nintendo later confirmed this to be true in statement that reads, “We discuss various things, not just limited to payments, to deliver high-quality fun to consumers.”

Survey: Japanese Youth Spend 3 Hours A Day Online

Survey: Japanese youth spend 3 hours a day online

A government survey shows that young people in Japan are spending nearly three hours each day online, mostly watching streaming videos, visiting social networking sites, or emailing.

The Cabinet Office surveyed 5,000 people aged between 10 and 17 in November and December last year. 3,079 people, or 61.6 percent of those surveyed, responded.

Foreign Tourists Spend Night At Shelter In Sapporo

Foreign tourists spend night at shelter in Sapporo

About 500 tourists, including foreigners, have spent a night at an emergency shelter in Sapporo, the capital city of Japan's quake-hit prefecture of Hokkaido.

The city has set up 5 shelters for travelers who have been stranded. The nearby airport is shut down and train services are suspended.

Over 3,000 Spend The Night At Kansai Airport

Over 3,000 spend the night at Kansai Airport

More than 3,000 stranded people are spending the night at Kansai International Airport in western Japan after a typhoon caused a tanker to crash into a bridge connecting the airport with the mainland.

The airport operator says about 2,600 people are staying in the 2 terminals and 350 are in commercial facilities and hotels. The passengers have been given snacks.

Why Would Anyone Spend $150k To Mod A Subaru Impreza?

Why Would Anyone Spend $150K To Mod A Subaru Impreza?

We understand that taking a regular car and turning it into a supercar killer is something a lot of petrolheads like. But sometimes, pouring a ton of money into a project car isn’t the best of ideas.

This Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS that stars in RegularCars’ latest video is a perfect example of when a project goes too far. The owner set out on a quest to get an engine out of a STI to make 400 horsepower and ended up blowing numerous motors. He then turned to the venerable, turbocharged 2JZ engine from the Toyota Supra and converted the Impreza to be rear-wheel drive only.

Nissan Recognized By Nmsdc For Increased Spend With Minority Companies

Nissan recognized by NMSDC for increased spend with minority companies

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Nissan North America received the Gazelle Award, a Corporation of the Year Category Top Performer, from the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) at the 2017 NMSDC Corporation of the Year Awards Banquet in Detroit.

This marks the first time Nissan has been recognized by the NMSDC for its commitment to minority suppliers.

Mitsubishi Reportedly Plans To Spend Billions To Get Back In The Game

Mitsubishi reportedly plans to spend billions to get back in the game

Japanese automaker Mitsubishi Motors reportedly plans to inject more than 600 billion yen ($5.35 billion) in capital spending and research and development over the next three years through fiscal 2019 in a bid to turn around its business after recent scandals.

The Nikkei newspaper said the new plan calls for spending 5 percent of annual sales on equipment and the same proportion on R&D. Funds will be used by the company for the development of electrified vehicles such as the new e-Evolution concept and for production in China and Indonesia. Mitsubishi Motors will release the specifics of the new medium-term plan on Wednesday, the business daily said. ($1 = 112.1600 yen) Reporting by Sumeet Gaikwad

Apple To Spend Billions To Acquire Stake In Toshiba's Memory Business

Apple To Spend Billions To Acquire Stake In Toshiba's Memory Business

A couple of weeks ago it was reported that Toshiba had announced that they would be selling off their memory chip business. While it was unclear who would be buying the company (or a stake in it), names such as Amazon, Google, and Apple was tossed around. Now it seems that in a separate report from NHK and Reuters (via MacRumors), Apple is eyeing a 20% stake.

The report claims that Apple is apparently eyeing to own at least a 20% stake in Toshiba's memory business, if not greater, and that the company could spend billions of dollars in order to achieve that. The reason for not completely buying out the company is because there is concern  by the Japanese government about a non-Japanese entity owning the company, which is why Apple plans for Toshiba to keep some shares so that there will be partial Japanese ownership.

Sunwolves Spend 1st Year Studying

Sunwolves spend 1st year studyingJapan’s Sunwolves have learned many bitter lessons after ending their first season of Super Rugby in last place after going 1-13-1.
The Sunwolves — seen as a tool to strengthen Japan’s national team ahead of the 2019 World Cup in Japan — had limited production in their inaugural season, and many challenges remain.

Sensoji Temple : Spend Quality Time With Buddha, But Don’t Forget The Nail Clippers

Sensoji temple : Spend quality time with Buddha, but don’t forget the nail clippersAfter so long in Japan, I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I only recently figured out that the Senso in Sensoji, and Asakusa as in the station name, is actually the same kanji.
This epiphany arrived like a bolt out of the blue while I was standing in front of Kaminari-mon or Thunder Gate. OK, I didn’t feel like I had been literally struck by lightning, but finally making the connection was electrifying.