Artificial Spider Fiber Ready For Mass Production

Artificial Spider Fiber Ready for Mass ProductionSpiber Inc developed elemental technologies for making microorganisms produce the fiber of spider silk.

The company calls the bio-based material made with the technologies "Qmonos," of which it has already applied for trademark registration. By processing it, the Qmonos can be supplied in a variety of forms such as "Qmonos Fiber," "Qmonos Film," "Qmonos Gel," "Qmonos Powder" and "Qmonos Nano-fiber."

Toyota Celica 2000 Tuned Spider-man Car

Toyota Celica 2000 Tuned Spider-man CarThe Toyota Celica has a Custom Candy painted with air brushing with a re-design custom wide body kit on the outside and a re-design custom made mould and custom made interior with Sound-Stream System on the inside.