Kansai Electric Power Staff 'kept Gifts Secret'

Kansai Electric Power staff 'kept gifts secret'

Staff at Kansai Electric Power Company reportedly failed to report improper payments and gifts from a person outside the company after learning about the transactions.

Sources told NHK that the staff never informed Kansai Electric's board of directors and in-house committee handling compliance and risk management of the matter.

Unusual Workers Staff Restaurants Over Holidays

Unusual workers staff restaurants over holidays

With workers in short supply over the spring holiday period, one restaurant chain is turning to an unusual solution to staff its outlets -- having managers and clerical workers serve customers.

The chain, called Kisuke and based in the northeastern prefecture of Miyagi, operates14 outlets and specializes in grilled beef tongue, a local favorite.

Japan Nuclear Watchdog Staff Urged To Speak Up

Japan nuclear watchdog staff urged to speak up

The head of Japan's nuclear watchdog has urged his staff to speak up if they think something is wrong that puts nuclear safety at risk.

Nuclear Regulation Authority Chairman Toyoshi Fuketa addressed about 330 employees on Monday, the eighth anniversary of the 2011 accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

Govt. Seeks Ways To Enforce Disabled Staff Quotas

Govt. seeks ways to enforce disabled staff quotas

Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary says ministers will meet on Tuesday to discuss ways to ensure that employment quotas will be met for people with disabilities.

Yoshihide Suga announced the step on Monday following the recent revelation that government ministries and local authorities inflated their disabled staff numbers.

Govt. Falsely Doubled Disabled Staff Numbers

Govt. falsely doubled disabled staff numbers

NHK has learned that there are about half as many people with disabilities employed by the Japanese government's ministries as figures suggest.

Administrative institutions and businesses are required by law to hire a certain amount of people with disabilities. The labor and welfare ministry has been investigating government offices after it was learned that more than 10 had inflated their numbers.

App Gives Staff Telework Option On Hot Days

App gives staff telework option on hot days

A Japanese software company has developed an application to encourage employees to work at home on extremely hot days.

The Tokyo-based firm, Infoteria Corporation, began a campaign with the new smartphone app on Thursday to help its staff work more comfortably and to improve efficiency. Unusually high temperatures continue across most parts of Japan.

Kake: School Staff Misinformed Ehime Officials

Kake: School staff misinformed Ehime officials

The operator of a veterinary school involved in an alleged favoritism scandal says it lied to local officials that its chief had met Prime Minister Shinzo Abe before an application was made to open the school under a special deregulation program.

The allegation centers on the school that opened in April in Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture.

Subaru 2nd Automaker To Admit Uncertified Staff Checked Vehicles

Subaru 2nd automaker to admit uncertified staff checked vehicles

Subaru Corp. used uncertified staff to conduct vehicle inspections at two plants in Gunma Prefecture, north of Tokyo, for more than 30 years, a company executive said Friday.

A Subaru executive admitted to reporters that workers who were in training for the task but still lacked certification were conducting inspections. "This practice has been traditionally carried out for more than 30 years," the executive said.

Losing Weight Via Barbecued Chicken In The Staff Canteen

Losing weight via barbecued chicken in the staff canteenNanako Ogino sniffs around any uneaten food on the plates at the staff restaurant of Tanita Corp.

She's not hungry and desperately scavenging for leftovers. She is, in fact, a 35-year-old registered nutritionist who works there, and the enjoyment of food and healthy eating is always on her mind.