Sakamoto Maaya Releases All Songs On Music Streaming Services

Sakamoto Maaya releases all songs on music streaming services

Sakamoto Maaya has released all of her songs on music streaming services. 

Sakamoto released her latest album "Kyou dake no Ongaku" on November 27. To commemorate this occasion, all songs released over the past 25 years are now available on music streaming services. 

Mt. Fuji Climber Streaming Live Seen Falling

Mt. Fuji climber streaming live seen falling

Rescuers are searching for a man who's believed to have fallen while livestreaming his climb up Mount Fuji.

Police in Shizuoka and Yamanashi prefectures, which Mount Fuji straddles, received numerous reports from viewers that the man fell down the slope around 2:30 p.m. on Monday.

Bethesda Wants To Improve On Game Streaming With Its New Orion Tech

Bethesda Wants To Improve On Game Streaming WIth Its New Orion Tech

At E3 2019, Bethesda has revealed their plans to dip their toes into the game streaming market, although not necessarily in the way you might think. The company has announced Orion, which they are calling game streaming technology that is supposed to improve on the overall game streaming experience.

According to Bethesda, “Orion was designed to improve the player experience by mitigating latency and reducing bandwidth requirements. Orion was also created for publishers, streaming providers, and developers to lower their streaming costs and ensure that games perform at the high quality they intended. Orion makes it possible for streamed video games to reach more players in more places without compromising quality.”

Sony & Rhapsody Launching Audiophile Streaming Service In Japan

Sony & Rhapsody Launching Audiophile Streaming Service In Japan

In the music streaming market at the moment, Apple Music and Spotify more or less reign supreme. However it seems that Sony wants in on the action and thinks that they might be able to set themselves apart by teaming up with Rhapsody and launching a streaming service in Japan aimed at audiophiles.

Dubbed Mora Qualitas, this streaming service will debut in early 2019 where it is priced at ¥1,980 per month, and will grant users access to FLAC files up to 24-bit/96kHz in quality, presuming that you have the necessary hardware to support such high-quality streams. It does seem a bit odd to choose Japan as a launch platform, but Sony is a Japanese company and as we have seen in the past, Japan has a very enthusiastic audiophile community where they go as far as installing their own personal utility poles for “purer” electricity.

At&t's Tv Streaming Android Device Enters Beta Testing

AT&T's TV Streaming Android Device Enters Beta Testing

AT&T has been working on a streaming box for its DirecTV Now service and the company recently acknowledged the device’s existence. It confirmed during its recent quarterly earnings that this streaming box will be powered by Android TV and that it has entered beta testing. The carrier is planning to release this device in the first half of next year.

Bloodborne Added To Playstation Now Streaming Library

Bloodborne Added To PlayStation Now Streaming Library

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PlayStation Now is a game streaming service from Sony that lets subscribers stream titles to their consoles in exchange for a fee. The company continues to add more titles to the service in order to keep things fresh. The latest addition is Bloodborne, a famous action RPG that’s known for being very difficult. This is perhaps the most high-profile game that Sony has added to the PlayStation Now streaming lineup so far.

Resident Evil 7 Launching On The Nintendo Switch Via Cloud Streaming

Resident Evil 7 Launching On The Nintendo Switch Via Cloud Streaming

Early last year before the Nintendo Switch was officially released, there were some who were wondering if Capcom's latest installment in the Resident Evil franchise, Resident Evil 7, would be coming to the Switch. Capcom responded in a resounding no but it now looks like they might have had a change of heart, sort of.

Capcom has recently announced and launched a trailer for Resident Evil 7: Cloud Version. This is basically Resident Evil 7 for the Nintendo Switch but as the names suggests, this won't be the regular version of the game. Instead it will be Resident Evil 7 streamed via the Ubitus cloud service which means that players who want to play the game will require an always-on internet connection.

Nintendo Confirms Live Streaming Plans For E3 2018

Nintendo Confirms Live Streaming Plans For E3 2018

While companies like Microsoft and Sony usually take the stage at E3, Nintendo's presence at the event has mostly been remote where while they do participate in E3, most of their announcements take place via live streams. This year appears to be no different as Nintendo has confirmed that they will be live streaming announcements at E3 this year.

According to Nintendo's announcement, the live stream is expected to take place on the 11th of June, Monday, where it will kick off at 3:30pm PT/6:30pm ET, so for those planning to tune in, you'll have to adjust your schedules accordingly. It is unclear as to what Nintendo will announce at E3, but the company will be hosting a Splatoon 2 World Championship event, along with the Super Smash Bros. Invitational 2018 tournament.

Telegram For Android Updated With Video Streaming

Telegram For Android Updated With Video Streaming

When sending video over instant messenger apps like WhatsApp, you usually have to download the video first before you can play it back. This is versus watching videos on platforms like YouTube where you can stream as you go. The good news is that it looks like Telegram is bringing that feature to its app.

According to the developer, Telegram for Android has been updated with a video streaming feature. This is as its name implies, which is that users now get to stream video files that are sent to them instead of having to wait for them to finish downloading. This can be handy because sometimes people send videos that you're not sure is worth your time, and streaming it lets you take a quick peek before deciding if you want to watch it in its entirety.

Hulu Becomes The First Major Streaming Service For Nintendo Switch

Hulu Becomes The First Major Streaming Service For Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch owners who have been waiting for a major streaming service to launch its app for their console will be pleased to find out that Hulu has become the first major streaming service for Nintendo’s console. Hulu confirmed today that it’s the first major U.S. streaming entertainment service to launch an app for Nintendo Switch.

Starting today, Hulu subscribers can use their Nintendo Switch to stream their favorite content from Hulu no matter where they might be.

Nintendo Switch Gets Its First Video Streaming App

Nintendo Switch Gets Its First Video Streaming App

These days consoles can no longer be just consoles. They need to fulfill more roles than that. They need to be entertainment hubs where you can watch movies, surf the web, chat with friends, stream videos, and more, and for the most part companies like Sony and Microsoft have obliged their gamers with such features.

The Nintendo Switch on the other hand did not. The console, so far, has been pretty much games-only, but that appears to be changing as the console is about to get its first video streaming app in the form of Niconico. For those unfamiliar, basically Niconico is a video streaming website similar to YouTube, although the downside is that for now, the app will be limited to the Japanese market.

The 2018 Honda Odyssey Accidentally Offered Streaming Porn

The 2018 Honda Odyssey Accidentally Offered Streaming Porn

Toyota used to market the Sienna as the "swagger wagon" but it appears the Honda Odyssey briefly upstaged it as the swinger wagon.

Since the 2018 Odyssey is the first minivan to offer 4G LTE connectivity in the United States, the car's rear-seat entertainment system allows users to stream content from a variety of sources including EPIX. This is a cool feature that parents will undoubtedly use to keep their little ones occupied during long trips.