Yamaha In Full Strength For The Grand Finale

Yamaha in Full Strength for the Grand FinaleThe MXGP of Pays de Montbéliard represents the nineteenth and final round of the FIM Motocross World Championship for Monster Energy Yamaha Factory Racing's Romain Febvre and Jeremy Van Horebeek, and Wilvo Yamaha Official MXGP's Shaun Simpson and Arnaud Tonus.

Pence Tells Abe Of "peace Through Strength" View On N. Korea

Pence tells Abe of

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence signaled to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Tuesday a hardening of the U.S. stance on North Korea, stressing that while the United States and Japan both "seek peace always," that peace "comes through strength."

Port Hope Woman Finds Strength In Judo After A Drunk Driver Crash

Port Hope woman finds strength in judo after a drunk driver crashAfter a drunk driver crash left Port Hope resident Susan Sokol with a brain injury, her doctor advised her to quit her favourite sport — judo.
Not one to give up, Sokol returned to judo after years of recovery and went on to recently win an international title. Sokol, 52, returned from the World Veterans Judo Championship in Fort Lauderdale with a silver medal in her class.

Japan's Gymnasts Show Off Strength With Golden Performance At Rio

Japan's gymnasts show off strength with golden performance at RioJapan claimed victory in the men's team all-around gymnastics on Aug. 8, winning its first gold medal in the team event since the 2004 Games in Athens.
Japan's gymnasts went into the final with solemn expressions. It was only after they got through the pommel horse and the rings, which are the Japan team's weak points, that smiles started to appear on their faces.

Video : Sigma Demos Wr Ceramic Lens Filter Strength With Impact Test

Video : Sigma demos WR Ceramic lens filter strength with impact testIn a newly released video, Sigma tests the strength of its protective ceramic lens filters in an impact test. Putting claims of toughness to the test, the video shows a 49g / 1.7oz metal ball dropped from a height of about 1.3m / 4ft onto the WR Ceramic Protector as well as three competing lens filters. While the ceramic protector survives unscathed, the competition isn't so lucky.

Shotokan Karate Showcases Can-do Confidence, Strength

Shotokan karate showcases can-do confidence, strengthSelf-discipline. Respect. Flexibility. Self-esteem. Admirable goals, and ones not often met through doing just one type of exercise program. But Shotokan karate is not just any form of physical fitness. This style of martial arts is just that – as much art as it is exercise, as much philosophy as it is physicality.

Contest Of Strength In Fukushima

Contest of strength in FukushimaSome of Japan's strongest people gathered in Fukushima Prefecture on Sunday for a muscle competition. The event was organized as part of efforts to cheer up those affected by the March, 2011 earthquake.

Strength Of The Sword 3 Out Today On Sony Ps3

Strength of the Sword 3 Out Today on Sony PS3Hello everyone — Ivent Games here to announce that Strength of the Sword 3 is out today on PS3! I know you’ve never heard of us before, so I think an introduction is in order.
We’re a tiny, indie team, comprised of just two people: me (Lyubomir Iliev) and my friend and colleague Georgi Rakidov.