Father Submitted Letter To Child Welfare Center

Father submitted letter to child welfare center

The father of a ten-year-old girl who died after suspected domestic violence had submitted to a child welfare center a letter in which the daughter said she had lied about being abused by her father.

Mia Kurihara was found dead at her home in Chiba Prefecture, near Tokyo, last month. Police arrested her parents on suspicion of inflicting injuries that led to Mia's death.

No-confidence Motion Submitted To Lower House

No-confidence motion submitted to Lower House

Japan's opposition parties have jointly submitted a no-confidence motion against the Cabinet of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe before the current Diet session ends on Sunday.

The opposition camp, including the Constitutional Democratic Party, Democratic Party For the People and the Japanese Communist Party, submitted the no-confidence motion to the Lower House after a meeting of their leaders on Friday morning.

Bill For Tax Hike Delay Submitted To Diet

Bill for tax hike delay submitted to DietThe Japanese government has submitted to the Diet a bill to further postpone the consumption tax hike to 10 percent.
Cabinet ministers approved the bill on Monday.