Fujifilm's X100f Successor Will Only Arrive In 2020

Fujifilm's X100F Successor Will Only Arrive In 2020

Back in 2017, Fujifilm announced their latest compact camera in the form of the X100F. Fujifilm has made improvements in leaps and bounds over the years with its X100 series of cameras, and as such, many are no doubt eagerly anticipating what the next X100 camera could be bringing to the table.

Unfortunately, you might have to wait until next year for its successor. This is according to a report from Fuji Rumors who claims that they have heard from their sources that the next X100 camera will only arrive in 2020. This represents a slight delay because based on previous X100 launches, the gap in between them is typically two years.

Toyota 86 And Subaru Brz Successor Canceled?

Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ successor canceled?

Rumors indicate that the Toyota 86 is done for. Japanese Nostalgic Car is quoting Japanese sources as saying Toyota and Subaru have parted ways regarding the 86 and that the current car's replacement is off the table. According to JNC, the Japanese magazine Best Car is readying a report that the 86/BRZ successor has been canceled. JNC also considers the fact that in Japan, there will be a four-cylinder, 197-horsepower version of the new Supra, ready to continue where the 86 will leave the market.

Back in 2016 the automaker seemingly confirmed that a replacement for the rear-drive car was under development, but plans can change and with a cheaper Supra version for sale in markets outside the U.S., we have to wonder if the 86 replacement has been shelved. The 86, while balanced, has only received mild enhancements and not a lot of extra power during its near-decade long time on the market, and it isn't such a strong seller that it would necessarily merit the effort of Toyota developing a successor on its own, particularly without the help of a partner like Subaru or BMW.

Nintendo Has No Plans For A Switch Successor Or Price Cuts For Now

Nintendo Has No Plans For A Switch Successor or Price Cuts For Now

From what we’ve seen from other console makers, usually a variant of the flagship console is released a few years after the main release. This usually represents an update to the design of the console, more storage options, or slightly upgraded specs. So far we’ve seen Sony and Microsoft do this with the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro, and the Xbox One S and the Xbox One X.

This is why there have been rumors that suggested that Nintendo could be planning a refresh to the Nintendo Switch, possibly even this year. For those hoping that the rumors were true, you might be disappointed to learn that will not be the case. This is according to an interview Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa did with The Sankei News (via Nintendo Everything).

Nissan To Put Off Naming Ghosn Successor

Nissan to put off naming Ghosn successor

Nissan Motor plans to put off naming a successor to former chairman Carlos Ghosn at its board meeting next Monday.

The decision comes at a time of differences between Nissan and its major shareholder Renault over executive appointments.

Dalai Lama: Leaders To Discuss Successor

Dalai Lama: Leaders to discuss successor

The Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, says high priests will soon start discussing how to choose his successor. The Tibetan government-in-exile in India is concerned Beijing could try to pick the next Dalai Lama to tighten control over Tibetans.

The 14th Dalai Lama gave an interview to NHK near Tokyo on Tuesday.

Successor For The Voice Of Crayon Shin-chan Decided

Successor for the voice of Crayon Shin-chan decided

Kobayashi Yumiko has been determined to be the new voice of Nohara Shinnosuke in anime 'Crayon Shin-chan.' 

After 26 years, Yajima Akiko announced that she would be leaving her role as Nohara Shinnosuke after its June 29th episode. The anime's website revealed that they looked for "someone who could play the role cheerfully, straightforwardly, and honestly.

Lexus Might Introduce An All-electric Successor To The Ct Hatchback

Lexus might introduce an all-electric successor to the CT hatchback

Despite sales of the Lexus CT hybrid hatchback ending last year in the U.S., Lexus isn't planning to abandon the hatchback segment in favor of the new compact crossover, the UX. The CT remains on sale in some countries, and Lexus's European boss is adamant the brand has to keep offering hatchbacks.

Talking to the British AutoExpress, Lexus's Pascal Ruch says the CT has an important purpose, which is introducing new customers to the Lexus brand. Ruch told AutoExpress that the CT has a high "conquest ratio" of 70-75 percent, and that a CT customer is different from the envisioned UX customer. "I believe that all the segments we are now in, it's important to stay there," added Ruch.

Nissan Finally Approves 370z Successor — Or Does It?

Nissan finally approves 370Z successor — or does it?

Autocar cites "senior officials from Nissan" for confirmation that a next-generation Z-car is on the way. The UK mag says the two-door has the internal codename Z35, will get coupe and convertible versions, and will arrive in time for the 240Z's 50th anniversary in 2019, in concept form at very least. Problem is, after reading through everything, we can't tell if this is merely another mutation of the same body of rumors that has been treading water for at least three years now.

Autocar said that according to its intel, Nissan would show a concept version of the coming Z at the 2018 Tokyo Motor Show, a production version debuting at the LA Auto Show in 2019, retail sales to begin in 2020. But there's no Tokyo show this year; the biennial motor show won't return until 2019. So now we're left to wonder what, if anything, is coming, and when? And those are the same questions we've had for years.

Award-winning Lexus Sport Yacht To Get A Production Successor

Award-winning Lexus Sport Yacht to get a production successor

Imagine driving along a coastal road in the evening sun, listening to Christopher Cross, Michael McDonald or some other very smooth singer usually associated with the tag "Yacht Rock". Perhaps a Lexus coupe could very well suit that soft rock mental imagery, with "Sailing" playing from its Mark Levinson audio as you cruise down the road in a laid-back fashion. But you could in fact be sailing in a Lexus-branded boat, too.

Revealed a year ago, the Lexus Sport Yacht isn't just a badge-engineering job: it was created by Lexus Design, engineered by Toyota's Marine Division and built by the Wisconsin-based boat manufacturer Marquis-Larson Boat Group. The one existing example has just now been honored at the Yokohama International Boat Show, by Japan's Boat of the Year committee. As Toyota's Executive Vice President Shigeki Tomoyama accepted the award, he also announced production plans for a globally sold Lexus Yacht.

Hayato Mori, Said That The Successor Of The S2000 Will Never Happen

Hayato Mori, said that the successor of the S2000 will never happenAlmost 9 years have passed since Honda pulled the plug on the S2000, and despite numerous reports claiming that the roadster with a huge following among petrolheads will eventually make a comeback, things aren’t looking too good.

That’s because Honda Canada’s Senior Manager of Product Planning, Hayato Mori, reportedly told AutoGuide that the successor of the S2000 will never happen.

Toyota Could Build A True Fj Cruiser Successor

Toyota Might Build a True FJ Cruiser Successor After All

Toyota has been toying with FJ Cruiser enthusiasts for years now, but their wish might finally come true.

Last year, the Japanese automaker debuted two concepts that had people wondering if a true FJ Cruiser successor was being considered. But the FT-4X Concept turned out to be disappointing for those hoping to see a serious off-roader, while the more recent FT-AC Concept offers a little more hope. Before you think Toyota has given up on the idea of an off-road SUV, however, you’ll be pleased to hear that’s not the case.