Tokyo Firm Sells Sugar-free Quality Chocolate At Pharmacies, Hospitals

Tokyo firm sells sugar-free quality chocolate at pharmacies, hospitalsSugar-free chocolate marketed by Mother Renka, a Tokyo-based food importer, has become a big hit in Japan among diabetes patients and others following restricted diets, selling over 150,000 packs a year even though they are only available at pharmacies and hospitals.

Adam Levine Sings "sugar" In A Nissan Gt-r

Adam Levine sings "Sugar" in a Nissan GT-REarlier this month, Nissan North America, Inc. announced its new partnership with Adam Levine, lead singer of Maroon 5 and coach on NBC's Emmy Award winning "The Voice." The partnership marks an expansion of the automaker's existing multi-season sponsorship of "The Voice." New program elements include a series of on-air vignettes featuring Adam Levine and several season seven contestants in video segments.

Sugar Removes Edge From Curry-flavored Stir-fry 'goya' And Chicken

Sugar removes edge from curry-flavored stir-fry 'goya' and chickenA popular summer vegetable known for its distinct flavor is the bitter gourd “goya,” which is rich in vitamin C.
Stir-fried goya with eggs is a popular dish, but chef and restaurant owner Tomoshige Ichikawa introduces other ways to enjoy goya. Salt is usually used to remove the water and reduce the bitterness. He also uses sugar “as a step to make it easier to eat.” Both serve four.

Sugar Sculpting Artist Makes The World Taste Good

Sugar sculpting artist makes the world taste goodArtist Sadaharu Ishiwari has the hands of a magician, fashioning creations that are both remarkably lifelike and delicious.

Ishiwari reaches for a blob of starch-derived soft candy heated to 84 degrees in a pot next to him. The sculptor rolls it into the size of a pingpong ball and puts it on the tip of a straw. Ishiwari pumps it up as he adjusts the overall shape.

New Sensor Might Realize Painless Blood Sugar Measurement

New Sensor Might Realize Painless Blood Sugar MeasurementNihon University unveiled a sensor that can measure blood pressure without a cuff (band that compresses the arm) and a sensor that can measure blood glucose level without taking a blood sample.

The sensors were exhibited at Medical Creation Fukushima 2011, which took place from Feb 21 to 22, 2012, in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan. Though they are still prototypes, the university aims to cultivate a market for them by taking advantage of their less-invasive (noninvasive) methods that cause less burden on users.