Jaxa: Data Suggests Hayabusa2 Touched Down

JAXA: Data suggests Hayabusa2 touched down

Japan's space agency says its Hayabusa2 probe has likely touched down on the asteroid Ryugu. The mission's goal is to collect rocks from beneath the surface.

Abe Suggests 5% Tax Refund For Cashless Payments

Abe suggests 5% tax refund for cashless payments

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has proposed that shoppers who use cashless payments would receive a 5-percent refund in the form of points after the consumption tax is raised next October.

Abe put forward the idea on Thursday, as part of the government's efforts to prevent the planned tax increase from putting a damper on consumer spending. The consumption tax is scheduled to go up to 10 percent from the current 8 percent in October next year.

Amd Earnings Report Suggests New Home Consoles Coming This Year

AMD Earnings Report Suggests New Home Consoles Coming This YearAMD has been a big player when it comes to PC gaming, but the company is also working with third parties to offer hardware for home consoles, and its most recent earnings report suggests that new devices are set to launch before the end of the year, although the company is not offering any information on their names or actual capabilities.

Rumor : Patent Application Suggests Mazda Rotary Return

Rumor : Patent application suggests Mazda rotary returnA recent patent application by Mazda reveals that the Japanese automaker is still working on the rotary engine. This could in fact be the Skyactiv-R engine found in the RX-Vision concept from the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. As with anything Wankel-related, nothing is certain until Mazda makes a production commitment. But this filing suggests that serious development is happening in Hiroshima.

Nissan Vp Suggests Next Z Will Offer Multiple Engines

Nissan turns up the excitement with fully updated 370Z NISMORoel de Vries, the corporate vice president and global head of marketing and brand strategy for Nissan, told Australia's CarAdvice that as far as he's concerned, any engine in the 370Z "[needs] to deliver on what the car stands for and if the 370Z stands for real performance and real driving I think it doesn't need a V6 to do that." At first read, it could look like de Vries is softening us up for a next-generation Z that doesn't come with a V6, a move that would disappoint a lot of the coupe's fans.